The Anniversary of One of the Greatest Dodger Games Ever

On September 18, 2006, The Los Angeles Dodgers played the San Diego Padres in one of the greatest Dodger games ever! I’m not just saying that because I am a Dodgers fan. I am saying that as a Baseball fan.
The day started with a sleeve blanket promotion. Unfortunately for me, I arrived around 7:30sh. By that time the blankets were all gone.
Towards the later innings, the Dodgers had caught up to the Padres making this game more exciting. But in the 8th and 9th inning, they gave the lead back to Padres. I was upset that the bullpen had blown the lead and we were entering the bottom of the 9th inning down by 4. To my sister and brother in law’s surprise, I asked them that we can go if they wanted to leave. They were shocked that I wanted to leave. My brother in law gave me that, “are you serious you want to leave,” type of look.
As we are leaving Dodger Stadium, Jeff Kent hits a homerun. We keep on walking then JD Drew hits one. We are at this point approaching the parking lot and I am in shock of what’s happening. Then Martin hits one! Are you kidding me! At this point many people rush back into the stadium. Not me. I am the type of baseball fan that is superstitious. I rather listen to the game on the parking lot then rush back and if they were to suddenly lose, I would blame it on myself. Baseball fans or should I say, Sports fans are crazy like that. So there am I listening to the game on the radio with couple Dodger fans, when Marlon Anderson hits the 4th consecutive homerun, we all go nuts. R u freaking me! The Dodgers hit 4 straight homeruns and I missed it! That can’t be happening! You can hear the roar of the crowd from the parking lots. We are going nuts and just in shock of what’s going on.
So we are driving home listening to the game. The Padres take the lead in the Top of the 10th inning. We end up stopping to pump gas. I’m listening to the game on the radio when Nomar hits the game winning 2 run homerun to beat the Padres, 11-10. When he hits the homerun, I was so excited that I got out of the car and started yelling my lungs out! I was so filled with joy that I could not believe it! I remember getting home and had a voicemail message from one of my friends telling me if I had seen the game. I called him back to tell him that I was at the game but left at the start of the bottom of the 9th and was at the gas station when Nomar hit the game winning homerun. What made this game even better was that the Dodgers win gave them sole possession of first place over the Padres.
Dodger fans and Baseball fans will appreciate this game. I can watch the highlights of this game for hours and still get chills! What makes this game more magical is listening to Vin Scully! 🙂

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