Guayasamin pays tribute to Salvador Allende, Victor Jara and Pablo Neruda


This is one of the paintings one will find in the book, America,  my brother my blood. The painting by Guayasamin is called, Lagrimas de Sangre (Tears of Blood). I actually have this painting framed.
In the painting on the bottom right in Spanish it says:
Homenaje a
Salvador Allende
Pablo Neruda
Victor Jara

Nosotros Los Pueblos

Guayasamin 1973

This painting is one that causes me deep sorrow. Such a powerful painting.

As I look at the picture and reflect on Neruda’s life, the last of the 3 great Chilean that passed away on September 1973, I can’t help but fight these painful tears.

The United States really needs to hand down Henry Kissinger to Chile to face prosecution charges for the death of Allende and his involvement in the coup that brought PinoShit in power. I am convince that it was PinoShit’s military regime that also killed Neruda because a living Neruda would have posed bigger problems for Chile and the U.S. I think its time America stop harboring terrorists and hand down Kissinger to Chile. The Kissinger trial is long overdue. 

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5 Responses to “Guayasamin pays tribute to Salvador Allende, Victor Jara and Pablo Neruda”

  1. Mike Lett Says:

    I would like to speak with you regarding this painting. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  2. victorjara42 Says:

    Hi Mike, what would you like to know about this painting?

    • Mike Lett Says:

      Hello Sr Jara,
      Thank you for responding. My wife and I have this painting as well. It is an Oil on Canvas with handwritten signatures. My wife’s name is Stephanie Ugalde. Her family is from Guayaquil Ecuador. The family was given the painting by Sr. Guayasamin in 1994. We would like to obtain a letter of certification for painting. We tried to contact the Guayasamin Foundation, but had not luck. We spoke to a Lucy Minda, but she was not able to assist us. We woulld like to know if you can help us. I know that Sr. Guayasamin painted more than one version of this painting, and we do have one of the originals. Please let me know if you can help us. it would mean so much to our family. Thank you.

  3. victorjara42 Says:

    WOW! That is awesome that you and your wife have an original painting of Lagrimas de Sangre. I will try to see what I can do and if I am able to get in contact with some folks, I will make sure to keep you updated. Would love to see the original painting. Feel free to email me at

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