Juan Uribe’s homerun sends the Dodgers to the NLCS


The story of Juan Uribe’s magical year just got even better. In what is the most memorable homerun to date of this amazing season, Juan Uribe’s 2 run homerun erased the Dodger fans animosity towards him from the past 2 seasons. Signed to a 3 year contract after the 2010 season, Uribe was hitting less than .200 in his first two season as a Dodger. Things went so bad that he lost his starting job last season to Luis Cruz and this year he started the year being the back up to Cruz until Luis went into a slump that he never recovered. Enter Uribe, who through it all kept his composure and became a great teammate. Juan Uribe found his old swing and had an amazing season. He played superb defensive to the point of being a Gold Glove candidate at 3rd base and found his groove in the batters box throughout the season, including belting 3 homeruns against the San Francisco Giants.

Last night, with the Dodgers down 3-2 and Puig on 2nd base after leading off the inning with a Double, Uribe was asked to bunt Puig to third base. Uribe failed to bunt Puig over twice and with one swing of the bat, Uribe had not only received the embrace of the same fans who booed him for two years, but he received the embrace of the whole city of Los Angeles. No other player better to hit that homerun than Uribe. The struggles that he went through and to have the type of season he is having this year is just movie-like. It is unbelievable. Simply Amazing. Juan Uribe’s homerun will go down in Dodgers history as one of the most magical homeruns hit at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers now await the winner of the Pirates vs Cardinals winner. If St.Louis Cardinals win, the Dodgers play at St.Louis on Friday night. If the Pittsburgh Pirates win, the Dodgers host the Pirates on Friday night. I am hoping the Pirates win so Dodger Stadium can continue experiencing the magic of this amazing week.

Here are highlights from last night’s game.

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