Interfaith International Day of Prayer Against Hunger

On December 10th, Hunger Action L.A. and L.A. Metropolitan Churches got several organizations together to put on Tuesday’s event.
Check out this great video. Enjoy the beautiful prayers and the stories that the speakers had to share.
I am going to highlight a letter that was read on behalf of a client at Alexandria House. She wrote this letter to the members of Congress:

To: Members of Congress
Re: Cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

Politicians debated as to whether a $40 cut in food stamps per month would really hurt my family. If you have to ask, you have never had to decide between paying the water bill or the gas bill. If you have to ask, you have never worked a minimum wage job, or two or three, and still struggled to keep a roof over your head. If you have to ask, you have never skipped eating a meal so your kids didn’t have to. If you have to ask, you don’t really know the value of $40. Forty dollars is a bag of groceries and, for some of us, a bag of groceries has to go a very long way. I think we can all agree that food, water, and air are the most basic building blocks of a human life and, since we still live in a world where water and air are free, the decision to cut food must be viewed as the most inhumane choice our governing body could have made.

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