Kelly Thomas Life Mattered! Once Again Cops Get Away With Murder!

In a blow to Kelly Thomas’ family and those who believe in Justice, the “law” once again ends up protecting killer cops. We saw it in the case of Oscar Grant and now we see it in the case of Kelly Thomas. What is it going to take for killer cops to get justice? Why is it okay for cops to kill innocent human beings and get away with it? How can the Jury see the whole video where the cops murdered Kelly Thomas and not come to a conclusion that the police are responsible for his death? I have a hard time grasping that the jury didn’t hear Kelly yelling and asking the killer cops that he couldn’t breathe. How can any sane person not see this case and see the obvious-that the killer cops murdered a 37 year old man.

On the video one can clearly see Kelly apologizing and informing the police officers that he couldn’t breathe. He is later heard calling out for his father, who was a former cop, to help him out. The un-edited video is very painful to watch but one can clearly see there was no reason for the killer cops to use excessive force on Kelly. Here is the un-edited video for those who wish to see it.

The community of Fullerton and those who are concern about Justice should be outraged at this verdict. We cannot continue to have Killer Cops patrol our streets where on any given day they can kill an innocent person and then hide behind a freaking badge.

What is it going to take for killer cops to be treated like regular civilians and be sentence to prison for killing a human being? What kind of “Justice” system is it that only protects those in uniform and yet they are the biggest threat to our communities? How are people supposed to have faith in the “system” when we end up getting verdicts such as this one?

Let’s hope that the community of Fullerton puts pressure on this case and doesn’t stop their fight to get justice for Kelly Thomas.

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3 Responses to “Kelly Thomas Life Mattered! Once Again Cops Get Away With Murder!”

  1. tr a ci smith Says:

    That’s the police for u that’s y I’ll never call I’d rather die by a murderer then the police i

  2. victorjara42 Says:

    I understand where you are coming from. I don’t see people’s faith in police increasing when we get this type of results. That’s why people be yelling, “FTP,” on the streets.

  3. NYC Cop sideswipes car, arrests owner for destruction of property, caught on camera - Page 2 - Says:

    […] on came Cops Got Scratches Tended To By Paramedic As Kelly Thomas Lay Dying in the Street…with-murdered/…-homeless-man/ I think the dude was nuts, but I also […]

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