The Hat Lot: Hats That Match

Couple weeks ago, I was driving by 120th and Avalon in South L.A. when I noticed a lot full of hats. I decided to stop by and check them out. I was impress how the hats were organized. I decided to ask the owners couple questions about how they started and I was blown away by their inspirational story.

3 years ago, Dana started selling hats on the fence since the lot inside was full of grass and it was not taken care of. Dana stated that Nora would always walk by the lot to go to the store and one day he decided to stop her and talk to her. Dana went on to say, “I use to call her Speedy because she would just walk by us and when I decided to stop her and talk to her, we have been together ever since.”

Dana and Nora developed a great relationship with the owner of the lot that Dana himself decided to clean the lot. One day Dana approach the owner with the idea of selling hats and his t-shirts inside the lot. The owner had so much respect for them that he agreed. With the help of the community they had a mural on the wall that read, “Hats That Match.” Dana and Nora have turned the empty lop into a very unique Hat store. A business that is respected in the community.

Dana and Nora got married on 12-12-12 and have been keeping their unique Mom and Pop Business going. They have people from out of state go visit them to buy some of their unique hats.

One thing that many customers won’t notice about Dana and Nora is that they are currently homeless sleeping in the house of Dana’s brother since October. It would be nice if the greater community can somehow come together and assist them in finding a permanent place to stay. Having a permanent place will not only allow them to have the peace of mind of having their own home but it will allow them to keep their focus on expanding their unique business. This is one of the thousands of stories that should be told in the news, LA TIMES, or covered by the media so that the greater Los Angeles community can be inspired by their amazing work and hopefully a kind soul will be able to assist them in finding their own place.

Here are the pictures of the amazing Hats that Match.

Dana and Nora talking about Hats That Match

Here is a client purchasing a hat

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