Was the Canelo vs Angulo Fight Fix?

Last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, many boxing fans expected Saul Canelo Alvarez to get his first real test as he was fighting Alfredo El Perro Angulo, whose punching power and pressure style fighting can cause a lot of trouble. What ended happening was leaving many fans wondering if the fight was fix. 

The fight left true boxing fans with many suspicions. The first round, Angulo looked slow and when he was throwing punches it appeared that he was throwing them with no intention to hurt Canelo. It look like they were merely slaps.

The first half of the fight looked like that. Angulo looking slow and throwing punches without that killer instinct that made him a fan favorite. It wasn’t until the later rounds that Angulo looked like his punches were thrown with such great force but those moments were very few.

Canelo kept landing hard solid punches and he did beat up El Perro pretty bad. But Boxing fans, expected to see the Angulo’s punching power and pressure style at full force and give Canelo problems. The question coming into the fight was can Canelo take Angulo’s punch? Can Canelo fight with Angulo pressuring the whole fight? Those questions were not answered because the Angulo that many fans were expecting never showed up.

Angulo in the boxing community is known as a fighter with a serious punch. A fighter who will hunt you down with his intense pressure. Fans did not see that last night. Yes, Angulo was charging and moving forward but Canelo kept landing solid punches and good combinations. That is to be expected since Angulo is not known for his defense. What fans didn’t get to see was the Angulo that fought Erislandy Lara. The Angulo who was cutting the ring, putting pressure and neutralizing Lara’s superb boxing skills. The Angulo who knock down Lara twice in their fight. The Angulo whose punching power has been his most feared reputation was not there.

Was the plan to use Angulo’s name to fill seats in the MGM Grand? Was the plan to use Angulo’s resume as a puncher who goes “Toe to Toe” but not necessarily engage in “Toe to Toe” since doing so could knock out Canelo and therefore ruin Golden Boys’ plans just the same way that Marcos Maidana ruined Golden Boys’ plans when he knocked out Victor Ortiz. Was the Maidana vs Ortiz fight a reminder of the dangers that GBP could see themselves if the fighters actually went to Toe to Toe. Were there outside forces controlling the fight that journalist and boxing fans are not aware of? Was Angulo forced to fight a fight that was meant to make Canelo look good? 

Boxing fans were left with a sour taste from last nights’ fight. If the fight was made to make Canelo look good then the promoters succeeded. No one would ever know if the fight was indeed fix. It is hard to believe that in this day in age, promoters would fix fights simply to take care of their prize fighter. Then again, in boxing like in any business, money talks. As long as the money keeps coming in the business will flourish. If the money stops then the business takes a huge cut. I don’t think Golden Boy was going to let Canelo take a huge hit especially considering that he is their cash cow at the present moment.

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8 Responses to “Was the Canelo vs Angulo Fight Fix?”

  1. Bernd Says:

    Fight looked fixed to me. Great article. Angulo was at no point trying to win this fight or even throw a hard punch.

    • victorjara42 Says:

      Thanks. I agree with you that Angulo wasn’t trying to throw a hard punch and for Angulo fans or just true boxing fans, thoughts of a fix fight began early in the first round.

  2. June bug Says:

    Total fix.

  3. H.G. Says:

    Definitely the fight was fixed. Like the article says, Angulo never tried to hurt Canelo he was just standing in front of him making him look good with those hard punching combinations. And the saddest part was the that Angulo complained to the refree that he had made a bad call when he stopped the fight when in fact he was the one who disappointed all his fans for accepting the fixed fight. I hope all those Angulos fans open their eyes and stop supporting el Perro who didn’t have the balls to try to get glory instead of cash.

    • victorjara42 Says:

      Thanks for your comments. I was really looking forward to seeing El Perro go Toe to Toe with Canelo. Instead displayed some terrible acting performance and I dare to say lost some of his fanbase.

      • Scooby dumb Says:

        Mexican mafia controls mexican boxing, if Angulo didn’t throw the fight his family would be hurt, no shame, that’s just how the world works

      • victorjara42 Says:

        I wouldnt go as far as say that but boxing fans can agree that it wasnt the same Angulo that people came to love.

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