Saul Canelo Alvarez Stops El Perro Angulo In A Controversial Stoppage

This past Saturday night, Boxing fans filled the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to witness a Mexican all out “Toe to Toe” action packed fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo El Perro Angulo. What ended happening was Canelo giving Angulo a beating so bad that referee Tony Weeks had to stopped the fight in the 10th round.

The fight started with Canelo dominating the fight with his speed and landing some solid punches. Angulo started the fight by throwing punches that looked so slow that one would think they were watching a replay in slow motion. Angulo’s punches quickly got my attention and it raised suspicion about the fight.

The 2nd round was the same with Canelo landing more effective punches and Angulo just walking into them. Everytime that Angulo threw a punch it appeared that it was thrown with the intention to not hurt Canelo. This is boxing. Punches have to be thrown with the intention to hurt your opponent.

As the fight went on, it became more frustrated because Canelo kept landing more punches, attacking the body and going upstairs and Angulo would not do any in return. At times it look like people were watching a sparring session where Angulo was being used to make Canelo look good. If that was the intention from the beginning then the fight served its purpose.

There was a round where I believe it was the 8th round where Angulo showed some signs of his late self when he attacked Canelo and threw some solid punches. It was painful to see Canelo toy with Angulo and at times humiliating him by dancing in the ring and mocking Angulo.

The fight quickly brought me flashbacks of Pacquiao vs Margarito where it is safe to say that Arum made the fight knowing that Margarito was gonna play the part and allow Pacquiao to make history by winning the 154 lb title in a fight that was made at a catchweight of 150lbs. In that fight, Margarito was a punching bag for Pacquiao and ended receiving a terrible beating at the hands of Pacquiao. There was no way Arum was gonna let the controversial Margarito, who had served his suspension for his illegal hand wrap incident beat the superstar Manny Pacquiao, especially when his Top Rank Promotions would have suffered a huge blow. NO WAY. Bob Arum may be a crook but he is a smart one. 

Having images of Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito, a boxing fan watching the fight could easily see how beaten and damaged Angulo was. Just like Margarito, Angulo kept fighting and kept moving forward. The frustrating part was that Angulo never showed his true punching power in the fight. I don’t know what Virgil Hunter was telling Angulo in the corner to motivate him but if the fight was not fix, I would say something along these lines, “Angulo you care about your daughter, Rebecca?! Canelo is trying to take the food from Rebecca’s plate! Now go out there and let Canelo know that no one messes around with Rebecca!” Or, “Angulo, you see Canelo?! He is the director of the Immigration Center where you were falsely detained for 8 months! Go out there and show Canelo that this fight is for all the rage that you kept inside for those 8 miserable rounds! Fight for all those falsely imprisoned who continue to be locked up!” I would have said something that would have made Angulo upset and fought with more intensity. The Angulo that fought on Saturday night is not the same fighter that boxing fans came to love. We applaud his warrior spirit but Angulo was not the same fighter that put pressure on Erislandy Lara, the same one that knocked him down twice. Angulo was simply not El Perro. 

As for the stoppage in the 10th round, which came after Canelo landed a solid uppercut, I don’t agree with the stoppage but I understand Ref. Tony Weeks reasoning. It would have made more sense if Canelo would have landed a 3-4 punch combination and Angulo not have responded back but given the beating that Angulo had received up until that moment and to prevent any more beating, the fight was stopped. 

As a fan, we never want to see a fight stopped in such a controversy but in fairness their is no one to blame but Angulo. He put himself in that situation early in the fight and their was no way he was gonna get himself out of it. Boxing is a crazy sport. It can end in one punch. Angulo could have used all the championship rounds to try to pull the upset but given the body language and the pace of the fight, that was practically impossible. 

This fight showed that Canelo rebounded beautifully from his loss to Mayweather. It showed that Angulo can take a punch and is a Mexican warrior. It showed that Angulo was not El Perro. The Angulo who fought Lara would have given Canelo trouble and made the fight much more interesting. 

The question for both fighters is what’s next for Canelo and Angulo. Would Canelo be willing to fight Lara in July. That is questionable given that Lara is scheduled to fight Ishe Smith on May 2nd and if that fight happens would rule out a Canelo vs Lara fight in July. If Lara is not available, would Canelo be willing to fight Kirkland? We shall see. As for Angulo, where does he go from here? His eyes were badly swollen. How much of a break would Angulo take? Is this the end for Angulo? Who does he fights next? Angulo is an exciting fighter to watch if he fights like he used to fight. If Angulo works on his foot work, defense and doesn’t allow anything to interfere his game plan, El Perro still a dangerous opponent to face. Let’s hope that Angulo just had a bad night and hope he comes out stronger in his next fight.

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2 Responses to “Saul Canelo Alvarez Stops El Perro Angulo In A Controversial Stoppage”

  1. Mike Says:

    Obvious fix. You don’t think it happens, you don’t know boxing!!

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