Why Did The U.S. Excluded The St. Patrick Battalion From Its History Books?

How many Irish Americans know about the St. Patrick Battalion? Chances are very slim. If you were to ask kids in Mexico about the “Batallon de San Patricio,” or simply, “Los San Patricios,” during the U.S-Mexican War, chances are that the majority would know how to answer that question.

History is interpreted by who writes it. If one has a targeted audience but omits certain information then it will be difficult for that audience to fully understand the whole scope of that historical period.

It is interesting that the U.S. History books have omitted a special part of the U.S.-Mexico War. The Saint Patrick Batallion. Why is that? Could it be that the U.S. would not want Irish-Americans from knowing the real history? Is America embarrassed how they treated the Irish people for standing next to their Mexican brothers in an unjust war?

I believe that if the Saint Patrick Battalion would be included in the U.S. History books, many Irish Americans would be proud of their captain John Riley. They would not see him as Americans referred to him, “traitor.” I think many would referred to him as a hero for standing up to what he believed.

Mexicans on March 17th don’t need to drink and party to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. They will continue to celebrate Los San Patricios as they have always done, with respect to Captain John Riley and all the Irish brothers who fought alongside Mexico in the unjust U.S.-Mexico War. They continue to be heroes in the eyes of Mexico.

I pay tribute to my Irish brothers with this beautiful song by David Rovics. For those who want to know more about the St. Patrick’s Batallion, check out this video and pay attention to the lyrics of this great song.


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