Baseball Swing: All Star Jazz Baseball Concert

This past Friday night, I attended, Baseball Swing: An All Star Jazz Concert featuring some of the great baseball songs of the sport. It was not only a great concert but a very educational one. I listened to songs that I have never heard before. One song in particular that really was emotional to me was the song, 3rd Base, Dodger Stadium. The song tells the story about Chavez Ravine, the Mexican-American community that was kicked out of their land in the 1950s and eventually became the land where Dodger Stadium was built. As a Dodgers fan and Chicano, I am glad I came across this great song! I have added the song for those who have never heard this great song.

Another cool thing that I didn’t know and I am sure many baseball fans didn’t either was that the famous, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, song that is sung at every baseball game is just the chorus to a song about a women’s love for the game. At the concert/play, the “announcer” made a comment that the song could be interpreted as the first feminist song ever. Here is the complete song of: Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

I have added pictures of the play that I attended and I was able to squeeze a minute of my favorite Jackie Robinson song, Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball. Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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