Should Boxing Fans Boycott Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 To Send Bob Arum A Message?

What would happen if Boxing fans Boycott the fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 2? In the first fight, I was one of several fans that felt Pacquiao won. After the fight, Freddie Roach and Bob Arum stated that there was no reason for a rematch.
Here is Bob Arum’s thoughts after the fight:

Here is Freddie Roach discussing why he won’t do a rematch with Bradley.

I know many of us boxing fans are intrigued about this fight because we want some answers. We want to know if Manny Pacquiao still has the same killer instinct. We want to know if Bradley can outbox Pacquiao now that he has look better in his last two fights.

A possible boycott on Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 should not be taken as boycotting Pacquiao’s fight. The idea behind the boycott is to prevent Bob Arum from making millions of dollars at the hands of true boxing fans. Bob Arum feels that he can continue to robbed fans from their hard earn money by simply putting Pacquiao in one of the worst PPV under cards ever. Why should fans spent $60 for one fight? Why hasn’t Bob Arum ever put Nonito Donaire on a Pacquiao under card? When was the last time boxing fans were given a solid under card in a Pacquiao fight?

Bob Arum even went on record to say that he doesn’t care what fans think about the under cards. If Arum feels that he can continue to fatten his pockets through our hard earned money then I feel it is time that we as fans make a loud statement by boycotting the fight.

If fans plan to watch the fight, it might be best to watch it at Sports bars so that the PPV buys would suffer a huge blow and therefore putting a big blow to Arum’s empire.

A time will soon come when we fans play an instrumental role in the negotiations of certain fights. Let it be known that promotional companies make their money because of the fans. If Top Rank’s formula of making millions of dollars continues to be putting one major PPV fight and 3 boring under cards then fans will be forced to continue spending $60 for one great fight.

Bob Arum is the one that is hurting the sport of Boxing. Part of me makes me think that the first Pacquiao vs Bradley fight was fix. What would have happen had Pacquiao won the first fight? Couple scenarios. After the Marquez fight, there would have been few names for Manny. Only Rios and Provodnikov. A Bradley rematch would not have been in the equation. Would Pacquiao seriously have fought Provodnikov after Rios? What other names would there be for him? Arum being the clever promoter that he is probably mapped out the whole thing in advance and realized that a plan for Pacquiao was being limited in terms of opponents. So in order to generate millions of dollars for his company, he probably fixed the Pacquiao fight only to realize that in the near future he can bank even more on a possible rematch. Bob Arum had to play the part to make his master plan work. He had to come out in public and be outrage at the fight so he can sell the rematch.

Could it be that Arum knows that Pacquaio is on the decline and soon he will need a new cash cow and what better way than to use Bradley while Mikey Garcia continues to grow his stock. Could it be that Saturday’s fight will be a very close victory for Pacquiao as to entertain a Trilogy fight in the event that Marquez doesn’t want a 5th fight and Roach won’t let Pacquiao vs Provodnikov fight.  With Bob Arum, you never know. But know this. Next fight for Manny looks like this: Pacquiao vs ____ (no Marquez, Provodnikov which leaves one to think the most logic answer–Bradley 3 since Mikey Garcia is 2-3 fights away from a Manny fight) plus 3 boring under cards equals millions of dollars for him.

So for those true boxing fans who are tired of having Bob Arum make millions of dollars at the expense of our hard-earned money, Saturday is the first step to make a loud statement: Boycott Pacquiao vs Bradley 2.  We all know that HBO will rebroadcast the fight for free the following week. So save your $60 and spend it wisely.

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