Pacquiao Wins Rematch Over Bradley But Pacquiao’s Mom Steals the Show

This past Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao won his long awaited rematch against Timothy Bradley via a unanimous decision to capture the WBO Welterweight Championship Belt. The star of the night wasn’t Manny Pacquiao or Timothy Bradley. It was Pacquiao’s mom.

At one point during the early rounds of the fight, HBO showed Pacquiao’s mom with a prayer card and a Rosary but rather than being in peaceful mood and praying for her son, it appeared to the viewers that she was putting a spell on Bradley. The look of her face and the intensity that she showed was not only crazy but very creepy.

For those who haven’t seen the video of Pacquiao’s mom putting a spell on Bradley, check it out:

Maybe her spell worked because in the early rounds of the fight, the fight appeared very close and Bradley was in good health. Bradley stated that he suffered a calf injury during the fight and although he didn’t use the injury as an excuse, one would have to speculate if Pacquiao’s mom “prayer”/”spell” played a role in Bradley’s injury.

I am not saying that Bradley lost because of Pacquiao’s mom. But, it was probably the first time boxing fans saw someone put on a spell on a fighter that was captured on HBO.

Pacquiao speed and boxing ability were big factors in his victory. He is clearly not the same Pacquiao as the one that made him an international superstar. That raw power and aggressiveness is no longer there. At times when it appeared that Pacquiao could go for the kill, he decided to take a step back and box instead.

To Bradley’s credit, he was boxing Pacquiao beautifully and could have made the fight much closer than it was but decided to throw his fight plan away and decided to brawl Pacquiao. He did landed some solid shots and was pounding Pacquiao’s body. But, he almost got himself knocked out had Pacquiao kept up the pressure and used his aggressiveness instead of showing more patience and deciding to box him rather than brawl with Bradley.

With Pacquiao’s victory, the conversations for a Mayweather fight will start again. Bob Arum and Manny will say that they are ready to negotiate the fight that everyone wants to see. The reality is that the only way that fight will be made is if Pacquiao decides to be a free agent. As long as Pacquiao continues to fight under Top Rank, we will never see that fight. Maybe Pacquiao’s mom will put a spell on Mayweather and help her son get the fight that many of us want to see.


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