Join LA Futbolistas For A Gender Non-Conforming, Trans, Womyn Futbol Game


For those in the Los Angeles area come and join us on May 4 as we will be playing a Gender Non-Conforming, Trans, Womyn Futbol game. If you have never played the game, Futbolistas allows  you the space to dribble the ball at your own pace and for you to pass the ball. We want people to fall in love with the sport and therefore their is no slide tackling and we emphasize more on passing the ball. The score is always 2-2 🙂

People from all ages are invited to come. We have parents that bring their children and play with us. Imagine a field where you are playing on the same team as your son or daughter or playing against them. Futbolistas allows that space to make it happen.

If you are around the area or would be interested in participating, we would love to see you present. So mark your calendars and hope to see some of you there!

Here is our mission statement:

As a lived community of diverse womyn,
transgender and gender nonconforming
activists and allies, we step alongside,
arms linked, onto the field to play.
We play for the game this day
to congregate and remember,
to witness and celebrate
those movements and voices of
strength, fury, intelligence.
This gathering brings together
old friends and young stars,
those liberated by visions 
of gender equality and social justice.
Together, let us shift.
Let us build leadership,
courage, reflexivity,
determination, capacity.
Let our feet dance together on
the field of green pastures.
Let our feet grace the land
beneath the arched sky,
playing with love the beautiful game-
futbol in the sun.

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