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Alton Ellis–Black Man’s Pride

May 29, 2014

Pay attention to the lyrics of this song.

Las Ultimas Palabras del Sub Comandante Marcos y El Nacimiento del Sub Comandante Galeano

May 26, 2014

El 26 de Mayo, 2014, adherents de la Sexta Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona, simpatizantes de los Zapatistas y tod@s aquell@s que luchan por un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos se dieron a conocer en un acto muy Zapatista, muy simbolico, la resurreccion del Compa Galeano en la presencia del aquel que el mundo lo llego a conocer como Sub Comandante Marcos, vocero del EZLN. Ese Marcos murio para transformarse en Sub Comandante Galeano y haci dar vida y ejemplo que en territorio Zapatista cuando atacan a uno, atacan a todos. Aqui en el humilde territorio Zapatista, TODOS SOMOS GALEANO! Cada uno de nosotros!

Aqui estan las ultimas palabras del Sub Marcos y las Primeras del Subcomandante Galeano para si alguien las quiere leer:

Aqui los dejo con este video que los Zapatistas le hicieron al Compa Galeano. Verlo si me emocione.


Calle 13–Adentro–En Vivo Desde Santa Ana, CA

May 23, 2014

Ayer Calle 13 se presento en el Observatory en Santa Ana. Dieron un gran concierto. Aqui grabe una de mis canciones favoritas del nuevo disco. Disfruten del video.

Marquez vs Alvarado: Videos From My View at The Forum

May 21, 2014

On the 8th Round, Marquez had dropped Alvarado, so I decided to record Round 9. Who would have thought that this would have happened? Check it out?

Marquez Cruises Past Alvarado But Should Not Take A 5th Fight With Pacquiao

May 19, 2014

This past Saturday night at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, CA, Juan Manuel Marquez return to a renovated building that saw him make a name for himself and become one of today’s boxing legends.

The Fab Forum has officially entered itself in the mix of venues for future boxing fights. Fans were treated to a great atmosphere and a great fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado.

Marquez displayed beautiful boxing skills and looked great. He dominated Alvarado the majority of the fight. When he dropped Alvarado in the 8th round, I thought he was going to end the fight in the 9th round. The video is my view from the fight and instead of seeing Marquez close out the show, we see a hungry Alvarado come out and drill Marquez to the floor. Marquez does a good job at correcting that mistake to make a very competitive round.

Due to Saturday’s dominant victory over Alvarado, it is no surprise that many boxing insiders want to see a Marquez vs Pacquiao 5/Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 (depending on how you want to promote the fight).

I am one of those fans that feels a Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 fight won’t do anything for Marquez Hall of Fame career. Bob Arum wants to make the 5th fight in Macau, China in November, a site that favors Manny Pacquiao. Let us assume that a fifth fight ends up happening and it is a close fight and they give the decision to Pacquiao as will be the case. In this scenario, we will have people talking about a 6 fight and the list will go on. Don’t get me wrong, these two are like the Fast and the Furious movie series. After awhile, one has to pull the plug and leave it as is. There fights will be legendary and their 4 fights will go down as one of boxing’s greatest rivalry. For Marquez to close that chapter after his 6th round KO will forever cement his legacy. A 41 year old Marquez fighting Pacquiao for the 5th time will not be the same. His age might just catch up to him during the fight.

Marquez only motivation is to pursue a 5th title in 5 different divisions, which if he ends up accomplishing it will make him the first Mexican boxer to do so. But, if he we would retire now, he would have technically have 5 titles in 5 different divisions. How so? Well, his 4th fight vs Pacquiao was for a made up belt that the WBO made strictly for that fight but if Pacquiao had not been robbed during the Bradley fight, the 4th fight would have been for Pacquiao’s WBO Welterweight Title. Since Marquez put Pacquiao to sleep he can rest with the satisfaction that in many fans he already holds 5 different belts. Maybe his 4th fight with Pacquiao should have a footnote.

If Marquez really wants to pursue a 5th belt, he should try something different. I would love to see him try his chances against another fighter, maybe Shawn Porter who is the IBF champion. Obviously a Marquez vs Porter fight will not produce the financial resources that a fifth fight would but it would provide him for the opportunity to win a fifth belt against a young and strong fighter like Porter.

If Marquez stays true to his word and doesn’t takes a fifth fight with Pacquiao, will Bob Arum make a Pacquiao vs Provodnikov fight? Who else is out there for Pacquiao? For Marquez?
At 41 years old, Marquez can find peace knowing that he gave boxing fans some of the most memorable fights of our generation. If he decides to call it a career, I will applaud him. If he decides to fight Pacquiao for the fifth time then we know it’s for the money (not hating; he deserves it) but as much as I love Marquez, I don’t want to hear him complain that they robbed him again because if it goes to decision, that is exactly what’s going to happen. Better to end his career on a great victory like this past Saturday night.


Has Boxing’s Cold War of Top Rank vs Golden Boy dragged Sanctioning Bodies Too?

May 17, 2014

Boxing fans know about the famous cold war between Top Rank and Golden Boy. I was thinking the other day and came to the realization that Top Rank appears to promote the majority of their fighters under the World Boxing Organization (WBO) sanctioning body. Same with Golden Boy. The majority of their fighters are from the World Boxing Council (WBC). Has the cold war brought sanctioning bodies to this mess? Is Top Rank married to the WBO? Is Golden Boy married to the WBC? The latter appears to be on a Friends with Benefits relationship with the WBC as I have noticed Golden Boy fighters also fight under the WBA and IBF sanctioning bodies. I can’t recall Golden Boy promote a fighter fighting under the WBO.

I bring this up on the eve of Marquez vs Alvarado fight because the winner of tonight will fight Manny Pacquiao, according to Bob Arum. If Marquez ends up winning which most boxing fans predict, I would not like to see the Pacquaio vs Marquez 5 fight. If Marquez is so concerned about a fifth title belt, why does he feel obligated to fight for the WBO belt? Can’t he reach out and try to make history by fighting the IBF (International Boxing Federation) Welterweight Champion, Shawn Porter. Floyd occupies the WBC and WBA (World Boxing Association) belts and I don’t see Marquez challenging Mayweather. A Marquez vs Porter fight will provide a new perspective for boxing fans. Yes, it may not bring the financial resources that a Pacquiao fight would but if his motivation is a fifth title then that should not matter. Although, a Pacquaio vs Marquez fight will always be entertaining, why drag a series that has given us everything. And let’s be honest here. Had Pacquiao won the 4th fight by knockout we would not be talking about a fifth fight. Period.

Another reason why I feel a Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 is being shoved down fans throat is because Bob Arum has lost credible opponents for Pacquiao. The only options I see besides Marquez is Mike Alvarado, Ruslan Provodnikov and possibly a trilogy with Bradley. Fans get tired of seeing fighters fight the same fighter after awhile. The cold war between Golden Boy has handicap Arum to the point that he doesn’t know who to place Pacquiao with. 

If Top Rank does not have an exclusive contract promoting WBO sanction fights and assuming Marquez wins tonight, I would like to see Marquez have the balls to look beyond the WBO and test his waters at the fifth title with IBF Welterweight Champion, Shawn Porter. Would Bob Arum reach out to the IBF about possibly entertaining the Marquez vs Porter fight if Marquez decides not to fight Pacquiao? Would the WBO allow Arum to explore outside their sanctioning body? A Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 also looks good for the WBO. But, given that Arum is Marquez promoter, I will not be surprise if Marquez wins and talks about a Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 start happening. After all, the reason why we are seeing Marquez fight Alvarado is because this was part of Arum’s plan. To have the Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 fight. Anything less than a Pac vs Marquez 5 fight is a huge financial blow to Top Rank and Arum is not going to let that happen. 

Hugh Masekela and Ziggy Marley–I’m a Rebel (Soul Rebel)

May 14, 2014

Kevin Durant’s Emotional and Inspiring Speech

May 6, 2014

Congratulations to KD for being the MVP. His acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being real KD and sharing your story. Continue being the player and the person that you are. You are a MVP on and off the court in my books.
KD, Still Standing! To all of those who can relate to KD and have overcome obstacles in their lives, we are STILL STANDING!
This speech will be remembered as one of the greatest speeches ever. I GUARANTEE IT! Get ready to grab some tissue because it will make you cry.

For those who want to read more about KD’s MVP season, read this great article:

Floyd Mayweather Wins Majority Decision But Marcos Maidana Wins The Crowd

May 5, 2014

This past Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, boxing fans saw Floyd Mayweather win a majority decision over Marcos “El Chino” Maidana.  The judges scored the fight, 114-114, 117-111, 116-112. I scored the fight a draw.  This fight could have been scored 8-4 or 7-5 either way. With the win, Mayweather was able to unify the WBC and WBA Welterweight belts. This was not your typical Mayweather win as many fans booed him when it was announced that he had won the fight. This was the first time in a long time that Mayweather was tested and many observers believe Maidana won the fight. Maidana may not have walked out with the belts but he won the crowd with his great performance. His stock in Boxing went up the roof with his performance on Saturday night.

Maidana started off strong and his pressure took Mayweather off guard. Maidana went into this fight with no remorse. He kept his focus and showed no respect to Mayweather inside the ring. When Floyd got cut in the 4th round, it appeared that after the round, Floyd was crying, “I can’t see.” His cut man did a great job at healing that cut which stopped completely as the fight went on.

Floyd in my score cards was losing the fight entering the 6th round but the beauty of Mayweather is his ability to make adjustments. He made the appropriate adjustments and was out boxing Maidana in the middle of those rounds. I got flashbacks of Mayweather vs Ortiz when in round 8, Floyd tried the same tactic of touching the gloves but Maidana was too smart for that. Throughout the fight, Floyd was complaining a lot to Referee Tony Weeks but Weeks being the great Ref that he is did not bowed down to his demands and let the fight move on. It was interesting to hear that Mayweather was disappointed at Weeks and stated that he wouldn’t want him to be the ref at his next fight. Could it be that Floyd was bothered when he was treated like any other normal boxer?

When the fight was over and people were booing the decision, Jim Gray asked Mayweather if he would give Maidana a rematch and he said yes, the response that had people in cheers was when Maidana was asked if he would fight Floyd in September, Chino responded with his classic, “I will give him the rematch because I won. So yeah if he wants the rematch I will give it to him.”

What few casual fans noticed was that Chino Maidana was not fighting with the boxing gloves that were approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Boxing fans recalled that Floyd was threatening to cancel the fight if Maidana didn’t wear Grant gloves. What strikes me as odd is why did the commission allowed to have Team Mayweather that much control to decide which gloves his opponent wears. Maidana practically fought Mayweather with Sparring Gloves. Could this be Floyd taking another short cut to maintain his undefeated streak. In his fight with Marquez he refused to fight at the 144 limit therefore paying Marquez camp so he can tip the scales at 146. In Boxing, 2 pounds makes a huge difference. In his fight with Canelo, he ended fighting him at 152 rather than the maximum weight of 154. And now with Maidana, we see him force Maidana’s camp to wear a different pair of gloves. It his rumored that Maidana’s camp received a substantial amount of money to fight with the gloves that  were worn. I don’t blame Maidana’s camp but it would have been interesting if they would have kept their stance and walked out to the gloves that the commission approved. Floyd would not have cancel the fight. It would have been Mayweather’s first loss if he did.

So with Mayweather and Maidana on board for the rematch fight on September, will see Maidana fight with his preferred gloves? Will Floyd learn his lesson and go back to what he does best or would he engage in another brawl with Maidana? Who  will be on the undercard. If I was Richard Shaeffer or De La Hoya, these are the fights I would go with:

Mayweather vs Maidana 2

Broner(Garcia) vs Matthysse

Santa Cruz vs Frampton

Love/Ishe(only cuz he is a Floyd fighter) vs Angulo




Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana Pre Fight Analysis

May 3, 2014

The Moment has arrived! Or has it? After yesterday’s weigh-in, where both fighters came below the welterweight limit, all the attention turned to “GlovesGate.” The issue at hand was that Maidana wanted to wear custom made Everlast gloves with the Argentinian flag colors and after inspecting those gloves, Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, deemed that the gloves did not have the proper padding around the knuckle area and so those gloves were banned. Team Maidana then countered that with wearing the Red Everlast MX gloves that were approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to which Team Mayweather rejected as well even though those gloves were approved by the NSAC. This “GlovesGate” scandal got so bad that Team Mayweather threaten to call the fight off if Team Maidana did not agree to fight with Grant gloves, same ones that Floyd will be using in his fight. Robert Garcias, Maidana’s trainer then countered by saying both fighters fighting with the Everlast gloves. Marcos Maidana has never fought using Grant gloves and so the notion that Mayweather wants Maidana to wear gloves that he has never used in the most important fight of his career is ridiculous. So we wait for “the moment,” when this will be resolved. We wait for “the moment” when Mayweather realized his psychological tactics didn’t work. We wait for “the moment” when we can just focus our attention and enjoy a great night of boxing.

This fight is your typical boxer vs fighter fight. For non boxing fans, not all boxers are fighters the same way that not all fighters are boxers. For boxers, like Mayweather, they specialized winning their fights on points rather than getting inside a ring and engaging in wars. For fighters, like Maidana, they enter the ring with the mentality of going to war. These type of fighters are aggressive and they don’t care engaging in brawls because they find comfort in those type of fights. They may not be the most skilled and technical fighters but they are the most fan friendly fighters because they give what the fans want to see; a knockout or an all action packed fight.

With that being said, for Marcos Maidana to pull off the upset and win he has to put pressure on Mayweather and throw punches in bunches. A fighter like Mayweather cannot be allowed to think inside the ring. If you give him time to think his opponent has already lost the fight. Maidana has to cut the ring, pressure Mayweather, force Mayweather to fight and get him off his comfort zone which is trying to avoid from making the fight in the center of the ring. Maidana has to focus his attention on the body and avoid from putting his attention upstairs. That is not to say that he can’t throw combinations leading with jab straight to the body then coming back with his over right/left hand hooks to the face. Maidana has to stay calm and throw punches in bunches. Of the 10 punches that he throws, maybe 4 land and of those 4 that land 2 might hurt. Mayweather is not easy to hit and because he is not easy to hit some fighters lose their patience and get side track and end up falling into Mayweather’s plan. The same way that a tree can’t fall down with one hack, Maidana has to try to pound Mayweather’s body hoping that those hard body shots in the later rounds will begin to chop away Floyd’s legs therefore taking advantage of that and couple with combinations of hooks upstairs and heavy body blows to the ribs, we may see Floyd in a situation that he has never been in. Maidana has the chance of knocking down Mayweather. Will it happen? I guess we will have to see if “the moment” comes. I won’t be surprised if it does the same way that I won’t be shock if Mayweather runs all night.

For Floyd to win he just has to do what he does best; hit and go. He has to continue to out jab his opponents, use his ring intelligence and make his opponent fight his fight. Mayweather will try to make the fight around the center of the ring, avoid putting himself on the ropes and just being conservative in his punches and increase the accuracy of those punches. One thing that Floyd doesn’t get credit with the most is his boxing IQ. The guy is a boxing genius. Mayweather has the ability to get an idea of the type of fighter he has in front of him and make those necessary adjustments throughout the fight. Mayweather’s greatest strength inside that ring is his mind. Give a man time to think and that man is powerful. So the more an opponent allows Floyd to think inside that ring, the more time he will have to provide that fighter with a Boxing Clinic. Boxers like Mayweather are dangerous when they are thinking and if Maidana can throw Floyd out of his game plan by constantly pressuring him and trying to force Mayweather to get him off his face or blocking the punches that are coming from different angles then it plays to Maidana’s advantage.

I don’t expect Mayweather to exchange with Maidana since that is not Floyd’s game and I don’t expect Maidana to try to outbox Floyd. The fighter who thinks they are going to beat Floyd by boxing must be out of his mind. I wont’ be surprised if Mayweather gets knock down in the later rounds the same way I won’t be shock if Mayweather gets on his bicycle and parades around the ring.

Mayweather will cruise to a unanimous decision with Maidana maybe winning 3-4 rounds the most. I won’t be surprised if Maidana ends up pulling the upset and if he does, it would be because he kept his patience, kept coming forward and kept pounding the body. Now wouldn’t that be a MOMENT to remember? Where were you when THE MOMENT came for Floyd’s 1st loss? Or when was THE MOMENT in the fight that you came to realize that Floyd’s fights are always the same and nothing changes, just the opponent?