Miguel Cotto Makes History By Stopping Sergio Martinez

This past Saturday at Madison Square Garden, Miguel Cotto made history by becoming the first Puerto Rican fighter to win 4 titles in 4 different divisions. He did it by destroying Sergio Martinez. The fight was stop seconds into the 10th round as Martinez trainer stopped the fight.

Miguel Cotto came out aggressive as I expected he would but I never imagined that he would end up hurting much less dropping Martinez in the first round. Not only did he knock him down but he ended knocking him down 3 times. I would be lying if it didn’t cross my mind that Cotto was going to win this fight in the first round. No boxing fan out there expected to see what transcribed in the first round. In that first round, I could see that Martinez knee was not as healed as I had come to expect.

Martinez never seemed to recover from that first round beating as he looked uncomfortable throughout the fight. He never seemed to get into a rhythm. Cotto was just a different beast in the ring. He control every round except for one that I gave to Martinez but he clearly look like a handicapped fighter fighting a raging bull in Cotto. 

I give credit to Martinez for not coming up with excuses but the reality is that Martinez knee gave up on him in that first round. I also mention in my pre fight analysis that Martinez style of fighting with his hands down wasn’t the way to fight Cotto. And that first left hook that Cotto landed was a result of Martinez lack of defense and inability to keep his hands up. 

Couple questions that came up to me after the fight. Why did Martinez did not take a tune up fight to test his knees? And was this last fight for Martinez? I think Martinez was put in a very difficult situation. Had Sergio Martinez taken a tune up fight and his knees had given up on him, he would have lost the opportunity to make the money he made on the Cotto fight and we would have never seen Saturday’s fight. Regarding Martinez last fight, Sergio stated that he hasn’t yet thought about retirement but after last Saturday painful performance, I would be in favor of his hanging up the gloves. Martinez gave boxing fans some entertaining fights and he will be missed but Boxing fans don’t want him to go out any worse than Saturday.

As far as Cotto, he resurrected his career with that performance. He looked great. I think Cotto has around 5 fights left in his tank. He has couple offers out there. Some of the fights out there could be: Cotto vs Canelo, Cotto vs Mayweather 2, Cotto vs Golovkin, Cotto vs Quillin, Cotto vs Lara, etc. This last one is if Lara beats Canelo in July. The Cotto vs Mayweather 2 fight will not happen. I don’t think Floyd wants anything to do with  the Cotto that fought on Saturday. I would love to see Cotto defend his middleweight belt at least once. It would be great to see Cotto vs GGG in December of this year. But, expect to see Cotto vs Canelo later this year.

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2 Responses to “Miguel Cotto Makes History By Stopping Sergio Martinez”

  1. GentlemanJeff Says:

    I agree that Cotto put on a good performance, but I think everyone’s gone a bit overboard in attributing the result of the fight to his talent. It’s perfectly accurate to say that he looked like he was fighting a handicapped fighter, because he was. Just as you pointed out, Martinez would have needed all his mobility, and possibly to refrain from his habit of dropping his hands against Cotto. Instead, Martinez never really fought with his hands down, because he was trying to hold or cover up for the entire fight. This alone is a good indicator of how out of sorts he was that night. Cotto has been one of my favorite fighters since he was robbed by Margarito, and he deserves his place in history, but not for this fight. Martinez would have been helpless even against much lesser opponents.

    Personally, I think a fight against any of the opponents you listed (except maybe Quillin) is a bad idea for Cotto. Both Mayweather and Alvarez have the tools to brutalize Cotto in a way that could damage his long-term health without the benefit of any real chance of success, and Golovkin could at least shorten his career, while being unlikely to lose. People give Cotto so much credit for his fight against Rodriguez (who I also have great respect for) but in that fight, his opponent was significantly smaller, had never breached the elite level at his weightclass, and could never have fought at middleweight. By comparison to the Cotto who fought Mayweather, I thought he looked slow and hittable, against Rodriguez and against Martinez, and even Trout. We also saw, in the Austin Trout fight, that a technician can stylistically dismantle Cotto, which I think would bear a strong resemblance to a future fight against Lara, if it ever happens. All these reasons explain why, as you pointed out, no real boxing fan expected Cotto (or anyone, really) to dominate Martinez the way he did. It’s great to give Cotto his due respect, but let’s not feed the delusion that he should be back in a fight with Pacquiao, or Mayweather, or most of the other guys at the top of everyone’s lists.

    • victorjara42 Says:

      Thank you for your comments. I agree with you. I have a lot of respect for Cotto but I don’t see him beating Floyd, Canelo or GGG. One is to skillfull the other young with deadly combinations and the latter is just a beast.
      I don’t see him defending his belt. Quillin would be the only option but business wise it is not a good move. Let’s see who he ends up fighting. My gut tells me the Canelo/Lara winner.

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