Did You Know Edmund Pettus Bridge Is Named After a KKK Leader?

As the nation remembers the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, where demonstrators from Selma, Alabama march over Edmund Pettus Bridge and were met with deadly force by the racist police, did you know that Edmund Pettus was a Alabama KKK leader?

The best way to honor the victims who gave their lives for the right of many of us to vote, is by putting pressure to the city of Selma to change the name of the bridge. To reclaim our history is to change the bridge name. It is the right thing to do. One of the names that the bridge can change them name to is Jimmy Lee Jackson. Jimmy Jackson was the young man who got killed in the restaurant in movie, Selma.

I hope elected officials in Selma and the leaders of this nation will pay attention to the name of the bridge and really start thinking of erasing some of this countries trouble history.

Let us hope that one day, folks from Selma, Alabama will no longer be able to cross the bridge name after a kkk leader and will one day cross the bridge name after one of the leaders who lost their lives so that others can have the right to vote. I hope that one day will be soon. I hope that the bridge will one day be named Jimmy Lee Jackson Bridge.


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