Dr. D., A Story of An Amazing College Professor

Greetings Readers,

Today is the 8th year anniversary of the death of my beloved college professor, Dr. John A. Dennis, affectionately known to his students as Dr. D.

Dr. D. to many was more than a college professor. He was not your average professor either. This man taught at Saint Mary’s College of CA, City College of San Francisco, and at the Edward Sands School in East Oakland. And on the weekends taught Prison Ministry. As you can see, Dr. D. was no ordinary man. He was an amazing human being with an extraordinary gift of educating countless beautiful souls.

I can go on and on but words won’t do Justice to what Dr. D. meant to me or to those who were fortunate to know him.  Dr. D, created a beautiful garden of LOVE. In his garden, he cultivated seeds in the hearts and minds of all his students. He planted sees of understanding, respect, compassion, laughter, friendship, spirituality, and knowledge. Each one of his students is a seed in Dr. D’s garden of LOVE. I think every one of his students carry seeds that have been cultivated in us and continue planting seeds of compassion, respect and dignity to the people that we come across whether it be a homeless person, youth, our elders or fellow peers. In doing so, we resurrect the spirit of Dr. D. but at the same time we give those who were not fortunate to meet him a glimpse of what a special person Dr. D was.

Now that one has an idea of who this amazing person was, it is my honor to inform you all that my dear friend and former student of Dr.D., will be doing a film about his life. I am attaching the link below for those who want to get further information and want to support this project. One huge favor I ask is to please spread the word. I think it is very important that this story get told and what better way than one of his former students.

Here is the link. Please check it out. There is also a video where you can see for yourself, “Dr. D. in action.” Please help my friend make Dr. D.’s Film a reality.  Thank you all in advance.


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2 Responses to “Dr. D., A Story of An Amazing College Professor”

  1. Gustavo Says:

    Thank you Gerardo! You’re description of Dr. D is very true and touching.

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