Pics from 10 year Anniversary of La Gran Marcha

On March 26th, a group of folks got together to remember the 10 year anniversary of La Gran March. On March 26, 2006, over a million folks took to the streets to protest the HR4437 Sensenbrenner Bill. It was not only the largest demonstration in L.A.’s history but also the nation.

I felt that events similar to March 26th are dates that should be archieved in the history of the social movements of this country. If we don’t remember these dates, future generations will not learn the history of our freedom in the classrooms.

The event was advertised as a commemoration march to remember La Gran Marcha of 2006 but also as a rallying cry to stand up against Trump and his hateful rhetoric and letting folks know that L.A. stands in solidarity with cities such as Chicago who made it loud and clear that Trump hateful speech and xenophobia was not welcomed.

Although it wasn’t well attended, most of it may have to do with the divise politics that exist in L.A. and people’s ego getting in the way. The most important part was that a group of folks demonstrated to those who are “down with the people” that it doesn’t need a non profit or high profile people to make things happen and lead a demonstration. As a grassroots effort, an invitation was sent out to several organizations and progressive groups but for whatever reason they failed to participate.

The event was also a creative one in that a Trump piñata was brought and after some of the participants broke the piñata to demonstrate that in Los Angeles, we smash racism and xenophobia. Here are some images from the participation.


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