Black and Brown Unity

The biggest threat to White AmeriKKKa is the unity of Black and Brown. When we join forces and recognized the struggles in every ghetto and barrio are the same and that the system was design to have us clash against each other while they profit from our community inflicted trauma, we will start making strides to heal our wounds.

To start healing our wounds we need to come together in unity and organized our communities in 2s and 3s and ensure that in our vicinity we police ourselves, don’t want to be the latest casualty.

I say we name ourselves, The Killer Bees, fuck with our infantry and my R.B.Gees will have you calling A State of Emergency.

That’s exactly where we at, S.O.E. Daily casualties multiply by 3 Piercing our communities with bullets taking innocent lives like Alton Sterling and I’m wondering which next city will create the latest catastrophe.

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