Remembering Dr. D’s 10 year Death Anniversary

Today is the 10 year death anniversary of my college professor. His name was John Alfred Dennis, better known to his students as Dr. D.

Dr. D not only taught classes at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA but also taught courses at City College of San Francisco and at Edward Shans Adult School in East School. On his weekends, Dr. D was a lay chaplain in the San Francisco jails where he did prison ministry. Dr. D. was studying to become a deacon in 2008.

Those of us who were blessed to have him as a professor will say the same thing: He loved teaching and he loved his students.

I was one of those blessed students. Dr. D made a deep impact in my life. Dr. D was our Jaime Escalante. Instead of Ganas it was Kekenewe. The long version was Kekenewe Simbabale Bobo! He was a very charismatic man who went above and beyond for his students. Dr. D was a very gifted professor who found a way to connect to all his students.

I love and missed Dr. D. No amount of words can do Justice to the hundreds of lives that he deeply impacted. The best way is for you the reader to see for yourself.

Below is a memorial video shot by one of his beloved students, Gus Guardado. Gus is also working on a documentary to bring Dr. D’s story to life. Please help us spread the voice of Dr. D. I am sure that his story will inspire and touch some of you.

Here is a short video of me talking about the deep impact Dr. D made in my life.

If you are interested in supporting the Dr. D documentary project please reach out with your contact info and I will connect you to Gus.


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