Soy amante de La Nueva Cancion. For those who are not familiar with, “La Nueva Cancion,” it is a movement derived from using folk music to protest the injustices of the world. A lot of people like to call it protest music. I simply call it Music for Humanity.

I believe Music and the Creative Arts have always been vehicles for social change.

I am passionate about Social Justice issues. I am inspired by the Zapatistas to work for a world, “donde quepan muchos mundos.”

I am a passionate Sports fan! More than likely, one can find me yelling my lungs out rooting for the Dodgers in Baseball, Team Mexico in Soccer, Lakers in Basketball, and punching the air when watching a Boxing fight. 🙂

Former Jesuit Volunteer. Did one year in Minneapolis, MN and two years in Arica, Chile. Played in Arica’s All Star Team during the Chilean Baseball Tournament.

Spirituality is a journey. It is not to be confused with Religion. A Spiritual person doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is a Religious person and vice versa. I believe that in order to work for social justice one has to have a spiritual foundation. To paraphrase Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, I am a not a human being on a spiritual journey, I am a spiritual being on a human journey.

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