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Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali (Great Documentary on Ali)

January 17, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Champ! This is a great documentary! I have respect for Ali for not only being a great boxer but for his role outside the ring. Ali oppose the Vietnam War and was a Conscientious Objector, which resulted in his biggest fight outside the ring when his case went to the U.S. Supreme Court and became victorious.
Check out this great documentary!

50 years Ago, Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) Shocks the World with Victory over Liston

February 25, 2014

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the fight between Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston vs the younger Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay. Ali was a young undefeated boxer who was 8-1 underdog to win this fight.

It was on February 25, 1964, in front of more than 8,000 fans at the Convention Hall in Miami Beach when then 22-year-old Ali shocked the Boxing and Sports world by making world heavyweight boxing champ Sonny Liston quit in the 7 round. Liston would complain that he had injured his shoulder. The fight was ruled a seventh-round technical knockout in Ali’s resume.

It was during the build up to this fight that Ali would coin his famous phrase saying that he was going to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” and knock out Liston on the 8th round. Liston in return stated that the fight was not going to last more than 2 rounds.

Muhammad Ali youth and quickness proved to be much for Liston as he kept connecting on Liston. Sonny in return couldn’t deal with Ali’s quickness as he tried to land a powerful shot on the first round that he swung and missed and supposedly injured his shoulder from that first round to the end of the fight.

When being interviewed after the fight, Ali shouted, “I Shook Up The World!” Muhammad Ali celebrated his upset victory by going to a private party at a Miami Hotel that was attended by Malcolm X, a dear friend of Ali. Shortly after winning the Heavyweight Title, Muhammad Ali announced to the world that he was joining the Nation of Islam. Later that year, the name Cassius Clay would vanish from the minds of sports fans and the world would be introduced to one of the greatest boxing names of all time-Muhammad Ali.

Recordando al CompaƱero Ali Primera

November 1, 2011

La musica de Ali Primera me sigue inspirando. Estas tres canciones muestran el compromiso que Ali tenia con los procesos social del mundo. El golpe de estado en Chile, fue un tremendo dolor que Ali dedico esta hermosa cancion al pueblo Chileno. Su cancion para Tio Ho es un tributo a nuestro querido Ho Chi Minh por entregar su vida a la revolucion y demonstrar al mundo, que en Vietnam hay un pueblo digno que siempre estara en pie de lucha. Y con la cancion, Black Power, Ali muestra el lazo que los pueblos latinoamericanos tenian con el partido de las panteras negras y la lucha de los afro-americanos. El Black Panther Party fue el partido que mas se identificaba el pueblo latinoamericano. Estos son tiempos historicos donde estamos viviendo el nacimiento de una rebeldia a nivel mundial. Cuando llegara, eso no lo se. Pero se siente a nivel mundial. El capitalismo esta llegando a su fin. Y como dice Ali Primera en una de sus canciones, “revolucion temprana, tenemos que hacer, porque mientras mas se tarde, mas dificil es.”

Disfruten estas canciones.

Compañero, Ali Primera…PRESENTE!!!