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Peaceful March in Skid Row

February 21, 2015

Today on the 50th death anniversary of Malcolm X, the community of Skid Row organized a peaceful march from Gladys Park to San Julian Park. In honor of Black History Month, the march was to pay tribute to our brothers and sisters who have passed away and to allow their spirit to continue to strengthen us as we continue to struggle for a more peaceful and just world.
The march was in silence but was deeply spiritual as members of the community played the drums and carry Sage. When the march ended in San Julian Park, a group of people were already there and after congregating for a while, the AGAPE choir led the community with some beautiful music.

Here are photos from today’s event.

Videos of Las Cafeteras and Chicano Batman 7th at Fig. Concert Performance

August 6, 2014

Here are the videos I took of their concert performance this past Friday night in Downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy!

The People’s Cup: From Skid Row to the Favelas, We Stand in Solidarity

July 11, 2014