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Street Soccer L.A. Brings Home The Street Soccer USA Cup Championship Trophy

August 18, 2014

Over this past weekend, Street Soccer USA held its national tournament in San Francisco at the Civic Center. Street Soccer is a tournament held once a year where several states are represented in teams made up of current or former homeless individuals. Their is a men’s tournament and a women’s tournament. This year Street Soccer Los Angeles took a men and women’s team to San Francisco and both teams won their championship game, making it the first time that Street Soccer L.A. are crowned the Street Soccer USA National Champions. Some members from the men and women’s teams will now have the opportunity to represent Team USA in the Homeless World Cup in Santiago, Chile later this year. Congratulations to both teams for their hard work and for making history.

Here is an article about the weekend’s street soccer tournament in San Francisco.

For those who want to know how the USA Homeless World Cup team started, here is an article. The first team was back in 2003. The article shares stories on how people came to being homeless and the type of players that make up a team. Great read.

Street Soccer LA started in 2008 just in time when Street Soccer USA held its 1st National tournament (formerly known as Homeless USA Cup) in DC. During our first year, Street Soccer L.A. went undefeated and lost the championship game to street soccer twin cities. Youth from Jovenes,Inc have represented Team USA in the Homeless World Cup in the past couple of years going to countries such as Melbourne,Australia, Paris,France, Rio de Janeiro,Brasil, and Mexico City.

For those who are interested in learning more about Street Soccer LA, click on the link below. You also find a very inspirational video about street soccer Los Angeles.
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Video of The People’s Cup

July 13, 2014

The People’s Cup: From Skid Row to the Favelas, We Stand in Solidarity

July 11, 2014


One Nation, One Team, 14 Immigrant Stories

June 24, 2014

Here is a great article by a dear friend of mine. Please take a look and share it with your family, friends and co-workers.

Corrido Mexico vs Croacia & The Fight Not Seen on TV

June 24, 2014

El partido de ayer, fue un partidazo. Cuando los Croacios andaban hablando que les iban a ganar a los Mexicanos, el equipo del Tri decidio hablar en la cancha y asi callarles las bocas a los Croacios.

Mexico fue superior en todo aspecto. Fue una victoria bien merecida. Miguel Herrera tambien conocido, segun a mi, como El Mexican Pete Rose o El Mexican Chris Farley, dio alegria a los Mexicanos cuando lo vimos celebrar junto con sus jugadores. Esa pasion que el muestra es contagiosa.

Con la victoria de ayer, Mexico avanza a la siguiente fase y tiene un encuentro con Holanda, equipo que se ha visto muy bien.

Para celebrar la victoria de Mexico, aqui les dejo el Corrido de Mexico vs Croacia, que unos chavos escribieron. Disfruten de esta cancion.

Resumen del partido

La Pelea que no mostraron en la TV.

The Documentary That FIFA and Brazil Don’t Want You To See Regarding The World Cup

June 16, 2014

For those who are not familiar about the movement going on in Brazil that protest the World Cup, this is a great documentary that will give one a solid background over what is currently happening in the streets of Brazil.

It is a well done documentary that exposes the issues of gentrification, displacement and the injustices that come with hosting a world cup or the olympic games.

Enjoy the documentary and spread this video to your family and friends.

Anita Garibaldi, The Favela Whose Football Team Challenges World Cup Champion

June 14, 2014

Great video. While many in Brazil will be focusing on the world cup games, few are paying attention to the issues that continue to plague Favelas and those force to live on the margins of society. I would love to see a game where the world cup champion plays a friendly game against Anita Garibaldi’s football team or against any favela team. That won’t happen but if it did that would be beautiful.
Spread this video to raise awareness on the community of Anita Garibaldi and on the hundreds of Favelas in Brazil who will be ignored during this world cup.

The Beauty of Soccer

April 13, 2011
This is not only an amazing story but demonstrates the power of Soccer.