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Resurrected–Poem in Honor of The Homeless

June 5, 2016


The Homeless People
are not being respected
they are continually
being neglected
their police brutality
is not being documented
their civil rights
are always being violated
city officials have there
incarceration all premeditated.

In them,
I see my Creator
being resurrected
and being disguised
to walk with the
most marginalized
and it’s up to us
to realized
it’s hidden message
cuz it won’t be televised

Pictures of Brother Africa’s 1 year Death Anniversary Demonstration

March 10, 2016

On March 1st, L.A. CAN, the Skid Row community and the Black Lives Matter movement gather at the LAPD headquarters to take our message to the police commission that we demanded justice in the name of Brother Africa and that the officers be prosecuted, which LAPD has stated that the officers didn’t do anything wrong by killing our brother even when the video of his death went viral and showed that he posed no threat to the officers.
After some members came out of that police commission, we took the streets and peacefully march to the site where he was gun down to remember his spirit.


























Remembering Brother Africa

March 1, 2016

Today is the 1 year death anniversary of Charly Keunang, better known to the world as Brother Africa, the homeless man whose death at the hands of LAPD was caught on video and went viral.

Today members of Los Angeles Community Action Network, Stop LAPD Spying, Black Lives Matter L.A. and the Skid Row Community gather at the steps of LAPD Headquarters that they “#CantKillAfrica!”

We have not forgotten that the LAPD let the officers who killed Brother Africa free withouth any charges file against them. We have not forgotten that one of the witnesses of Brother Africa is Trishawn Carey and continues to be in jail. Let’s get one thing clear here. Trishawn Carey is a political prisoner. #FreeTrishawn!

Here is footage of today’s demonstration. First is a great theatre play done by the amazing Suzette.

Here is video I took of today’s powerful peaceful demonstration.


These are articles from last year if people want to read how Brother Africa’s death took the nation by surprise.

I highly recommend people reading this great article, which one will get a better picture of who Brother Africa was.

Peaceful March in Skid Row

February 21, 2015

Today on the 50th death anniversary of Malcolm X, the community of Skid Row organized a peaceful march from Gladys Park to San Julian Park. In honor of Black History Month, the march was to pay tribute to our brothers and sisters who have passed away and to allow their spirit to continue to strengthen us as we continue to struggle for a more peaceful and just world.
The march was in silence but was deeply spiritual as members of the community played the drums and carry Sage. When the march ended in San Julian Park, a group of people were already there and after congregating for a while, the AGAPE choir led the community with some beautiful music.

Here are photos from today’s event.

Homeless Bill of Rights Day of Action This Weekend In Downtown Los Angeles

January 17, 2015



Tomorrow come and join organizations from across Los Angeles as we gather for a day of action with music, art, dance and unity for all those whose mere existence is now considered a crime.

In the spirit of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we will reclaim public space in Downtown LA and uplift the rights of ALL people to sit, rest, and share food. Here is the info to tomorrow’s day of action:

1pm—Lunch/Parade begins at Gladys Park (6th and Gladys in Skid Row)
3pm to 6pm—Pershing Square Speak Out and Outreach
7pm thru Monday Morning—Sleep out outside the Central City Association (626 Wilshire Blvd)

Below are videos from our Parade last year in Venice Beach.

Paul Boden Discusses Homelessness in America

November 30, 2014

My dear friend, Paul Boden, a longtime homeless advocate and a leader in the homeless rights movement was a guest on the Tavis Smiley show to discuss homelessness in America. Tavis did a great job at letting its viewers know about Paul’s new book. If you want a copy of the book please go to
Here is Paul’s piece at the Tavis Smiley show.

Please feel free to share this video to whomever you think will benefit from it.

Street Soccer L.A. Brings Home The Street Soccer USA Cup Championship Trophy

August 18, 2014

Over this past weekend, Street Soccer USA held its national tournament in San Francisco at the Civic Center. Street Soccer is a tournament held once a year where several states are represented in teams made up of current or former homeless individuals. Their is a men’s tournament and a women’s tournament. This year Street Soccer Los Angeles took a men and women’s team to San Francisco and both teams won their championship game, making it the first time that Street Soccer L.A. are crowned the Street Soccer USA National Champions. Some members from the men and women’s teams will now have the opportunity to represent Team USA in the Homeless World Cup in Santiago, Chile later this year. Congratulations to both teams for their hard work and for making history.

Here is an article about the weekend’s street soccer tournament in San Francisco.

For those who want to know how the USA Homeless World Cup team started, here is an article. The first team was back in 2003. The article shares stories on how people came to being homeless and the type of players that make up a team. Great read.

Street Soccer LA started in 2008 just in time when Street Soccer USA held its 1st National tournament (formerly known as Homeless USA Cup) in DC. During our first year, Street Soccer L.A. went undefeated and lost the championship game to street soccer twin cities. Youth from Jovenes,Inc have represented Team USA in the Homeless World Cup in the past couple of years going to countries such as Melbourne,Australia, Paris,France, Rio de Janeiro,Brasil, and Mexico City.

For those who are interested in learning more about Street Soccer LA, click on the link below. You also find a very inspirational video about street soccer Los Angeles.
Please consider donating by clicking on the link below. Any amount makes a difference.

Video of The People’s Cup

July 13, 2014

2014 Freedom Now Awards

April 21, 2014



It is that of the year! For those who believe in social justice and fighting for the human rights of homeless people and those who live on the margins of society, Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) is having their 4th annual Freedom Now awards on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at the California African American Museum.

Take advantage of the early bird special which ends on May 14. The event will be a great one filled with couple surprises so I highly recommend people get their tickets early.

For those are not from Los Angeles but support the work of LA CAN (, please consider donating. $5, $10, $20 or any other amount will help our tremendous work. Those who want to make a donation can check LA CAN’s website.  Below is information on our sponsorship package where one can sponsor a community member or make any contribution.

2014 Freedom Now_Sponsorship Package

Spread the word! It is going to be a great event!

Hace 10 años Se Organizo La Primera Vigilia En Chile Para Los Que Fallecieron En La Calle

April 20, 2014

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Hace 10 años que estuve en Arica, Chile y me inspire a organizar una vigilia para todos los Ariqueños que habian fallecido en las calles de esa gran ciudad. Era un Martes, 20 de Abril, en las gradas de la Catedral San Marcos donde nos reunimos para recordar a todas esas personas que fallecieron en el olvido.

Fue una tarea que duro un poco mas de un mes para organizar. Me acuerdo que tuve que ser entrevistas de radio, escribir articulos en la revista de la Diocesis de Arica, organizar los permisos para la vigilia que se iba a ser en silencio y tambien escribir una carta para conseguir la madera.
Fue un momento muy especial para mi y al equipo de Mujeres que nos reuniamos todos los Martes en el parque para alimentar a las personas de la calle. Cuando tuve la idea de organizar la vigilia pense que ya se habia hecho en Chile y para confirmar, le envie un email a Benito Baranda F., Director Social Nacional del Hogar de Cristo informandole si se habia hecho una vigilia para los que habian fallecido en la calle. Y si se habia hecho, queria saber que hicieron para tener unas ideas para lo que queriamos hacer en Arica. Cuando Benito me envio un email y me dijo que no se habia hecho uno en Chile y que el de nosotros seria el primero a nivel nacional me puse muy contento. Pense que bonito que la cuidad de Arica pueda sembrar una semilla de consciencia y esperar que de luz a toda la nacion.

Para comenzar la vigilia pense que seria un acto muy espiritual si lo haciamos en silencio ya que queria recordar a todos los que fallecieron en el olvido. En el silencio encontramos los alimentos para enriquecer nuestra espiritualidad. Este acto y evento para mi era una manera para despedir a nuestros hermanos e hermanas con dignidad y para que el espiritu de cada uno de ellos/ellas estuviera presente en nuestra caminata. Para ponernos en un momento de reflexion escuchamos esta gran cancion:


Al llegar al parque donde alimentamos a las personas de la calle y despues de que los compañeros de los que habian fallecido compartieron historias de sus amigos, comparti un poema. Escribi este poema pensando en todos los indigentes que fallecieron en la calle y en todos aquellos que cada dia mueren de soledad.


Lo mas terrible
que un ser humano
puede experimentar
morir de soledad.
Saber que no es
querido ni valorado
es algo a lo que los
se han acostumbrado.


A ser aislados
por nuestra sociedad
estilo de vida,
es un cargo para la cuidad
ellos solamente han querido
vivir su vida en la tranquilidad
con personas que les entreguen
su amistad
y les den
la oportunidad
de salir de esta oscuridad
y encontrar la felicidad.


A nuestros hermanos y hermanas
abandonados por la sociedad,
les han robado
el derecho
de vivir
con dignidad
ya que nuestra sociedad
parece que no
se preocupa
de entregar
amor a la humanidad
y siento que les gusta
ver a los mas pobres
vivir en la oscuridad
porque si hubiera
justicia y solidaridad
muchos no estarian
viviendo en las calles
de esta ciudad,
pero de a poquito
ellos se van
moriendo de soledad.


Esta es la situacion
que vive un indigente
en el presente
y le da tristeza
ver a su propia gente
que la sociedad
les haiga
su mente.


Nuestra sociedad
ha ignorado
la filosofia
de ver
a Cristo disfrazado
en los mas necesitados
y uno no puede
tenerle fe a
San Alberto Hurtado
si no se preocupa
de ayudar
a los mas desamparados
ya que el dedico su vida
ayudando a los
mas marginados.


Nuestro labor
es no dejarlos que tengan
mucho dolor
si no que sepan
que hay gente
que les entrega
y asi podran vivir
su vida rodeados de felicidad
porque cuando ellos mueran
podran morir
en la tranquilidad.


La proxima vez
que te encuentres
con un indigente
trata de llegar
a los mas profundo
de su corazon
y encontraras
a una persona
que te cambiara
tu modo de pensar
y no lo podras explicar
porque cada uno
lo tiene que experimentar.


Para los que quieran leer el articulo que salio en diario local el proximo dia. Aqui les va: