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Remembering Brother Africa

March 1, 2016

Today is the 1 year death anniversary of Charly Keunang, better known to the world as Brother Africa, the homeless man whose death at the hands of LAPD was caught on video and went viral.

Today members of Los Angeles Community Action Network, Stop LAPD Spying, Black Lives Matter L.A. and the Skid Row Community gather at the steps of LAPD Headquarters that they “#CantKillAfrica!”

We have not forgotten that the LAPD let the officers who killed Brother Africa free withouth any charges file against them. We have not forgotten that one of the witnesses of Brother Africa is Trishawn Carey and continues to be in jail. Let’s get one thing clear here. Trishawn Carey is a political prisoner. #FreeTrishawn!

Here is footage of today’s demonstration. First is a great theatre play done by the amazing Suzette.

Here is video I took of today’s powerful peaceful demonstration.


These are articles from last year if people want to read how Brother Africa’s death took the nation by surprise.

I highly recommend people reading this great article, which one will get a better picture of who Brother Africa was.

Los Angeles Dodgers Win Their 10,000 Baseball Game In Franchise History

April 30, 2014

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their 10,000 Franchise game with today’s 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins. Remember this date as April 30,2014 will be a date that will be used in future Dodgers trivia questions. Another question will be who was the pitcher that won the Dodgers 10,000 game? The answer my friends is Zack Greinke. I can already visualize a Dodger employee asking when was the Dodgers first win for a chance to win_______? The Dodgers first win came on April 21, 1890 when they were in Brooklyn. There you have it! 🙂 I deserve better than a Dodger Dog for getting the answer correct! lol

The Dodgers are the fourth MLB franchise to win 10,000 games. The Giants, Cubs and Braves are the other ones.

I actually had plans to attend tonight’s game in Minneapolis as I was planning on taking couple days off from work to see my beloved Dodgers play the Twins but due to work commitments that plan was delayed. I will say that Target field is a great baseball stadium as I had the chance to visit it last year.

Looks like Zack Greinke is back to his 2009 self but more wiser. He has a record of 18 consecutive starts without allowing more than 2 runs. We haven’t seen that feat accomplished since 1914! With Greinke pitching the way he is and Kershaw expected to be back soon the Dodgers will once again have the best two pitchers leading their starting rotation in all of Baseball. If the Dodgers can stay healthy as a club from June til the end of the season, then I do expect the Dodgers to make a run at the title this year.

Here are some great articles people may enjoy reading.,0,1812947.story#axzz30RYcBO00


On a side note…April 30,2014 will also be cemented in L.A. Sports History as not only the date the Dodgers won their 10,000 game but the date when the L.A. Kings pulled off one of the amazing comebacks in Sports history as they came back from an 0-3 deficit to stun the Sharks 5-1 and win the best of 7 series. Good day to be a Sports fan in Los Angeles!

My Thoughts on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling is a racist. That is nothing new. What is new is that now that he got caught expressing his racist views has allowed the world to know what many people in Los Angeles knew about him.

Sterling’s racism goes a long way. He was sued by tenants of African American and Latino descent and had to settle the case out of court. He was quoted to say that he would only rent to Asians and not to African American and Latino people.

Sterling is also notorious for trying to hide his racism by buying up all kinds of ads in the LA Times and “promoting” his “goodwill” to minorities by stating how much his foundation helps out several non profits. Here is one where he is “celebrating” Black History month. It is interesting to point out that he decided to include Blake Griffin and not Chris Paul in the photo (maybe Racist Sterling felt Mr. Paul was ‘too dark’ for him).
Donald Sterling Black History Month
It is almost like Ben Champman, the racist Phillies manager saying racist slurs to Jackie Robinson and then coming back and telling people he wasn’t racist and to prove it, here is a picture of me and Jackie Robinson.
One thing that really bothered me was when I saw an NAACP ad in the LA Times that stated that the LA Chapter was going to honor Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I was disgusted and ashamed that the NAACP was going to honor a racist a-hole like Sterling, AGAIN! Sorry to say this, but it felt to me that the LA Chapter was too much concerned about receiving his money than about standing true to its values. Anytime an organization has to trade their values for money, that organization has already lost my respect. Out of all the people to present a Lifetime Achievement Award, they could not come up with a better person than Sterling, especially given this was going to be the 100th Anniversary, now that is sad. Here is the Ad that I saw in the LA Times couple months ago that I took a picture and glad I was able to save it for this occasion.
Leon Jenkins and the whole LA Chapter of NAACP should be ashamed! NAACP will most likely not honor Sterling and rightfully so. But it is sad that it had to take this recording for them to know that they were going to honor a racist fool.

Earlier today news broke out that Deadspin received an extended tape where Sterling goes off on his racist rants. It is disturbing to hear the stuff that comes out of that guys mouth. And this is not an accident. One can clearly see that this is the way the guy thinks.

Here is a new tape that includes an extension
One thing that sticks out to me is when Sterling is telling his girlfriend to not bring African Americans to his game, she counters by saying:
V: Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?

DS: You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?

After listening to this and the NBA doesn’t do anything then shame on the NBA. They should kick out Donald Sterling out of the NBA the same way Al Campanis and Marge Schott were kicked out of Major League Baseball. One has to wonder how many owners think the same way as Donald Sterling. The fact that this guy has been a well known racist and everybody kept it underneath the rug is alarming. Their is nothing to investigate. The NBA should not be doing business with a racist scumbag like Sterling.

I would go as far as to say that Donald Sterling is a Poverty Pimp. Pimping the Clippers Organization to make himself filthy wealthy. The guy has no interest in what the Clippers do. If they win or lose, he still is making money. It’s like pocket money for him since the majority of his wealth comes from his real estate. The guy is what Dave Zirin calls a Slumlord Billionaire. Speaking of Dave, read this great article on Sterling he wrote back in 2010. Great read. Enjoy:

Part of me feels like the Clipper players should boycott their upcoming game or lose so that Sterling won’t make profit from their work. But, part of me feels that they shouldn’t allow the Sterlings of the world prevent them from accomplishing a run at the NBA Title. It will be interesting to see if we have a game 5 and if we do, will Donald Sterling be at the Staples Center? Will fans protest outside the Staples Center? Will fans boycott the Clippers game?

One thing is for sure. The NBA is not a place for people like Donald Sterling.

Footage and Coverage of LA CAN Press Conference on LAPD Lawsuit

March 13, 2014

Yesterday morning in front of LAPD Headquarters the Los Angeles Community Action Network announced our lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, LAPD, and the Central City East Association because of their coordinated efforts to silence LA CAN, prevent us from exercising our first amendment rights, and their malicious acts that resulted in the wrongful prosecution of one of LA CAN’s longest term organizers, Deborah Burton.
Click HERE (or on the photo to the left) to read the Los Angeles Times article covering the announcement.

This lawsuit is a result of years of unfair and unjust targeting of LA CAN staff and members by LAPD, a long history of retaliation against us for fiercely and loudly opposing LAPD’s racist Safer Cities Initiative in Skid Row, and, more recently, their efforts to even more blatantly favor the Downtown business community’s position by stifling our right to protest and manufacturing charges against…

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LA Times: “Skid row activists file lawsuit accusing city of stifling dissent”

March 10, 2014

Below you will find a Los Angeles Times piece by Gale Holland covering the announcement of the LA CAN lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Central City East Association (CCEA), Downtown Industrial District Business Improvement District, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, LAPD Lieutenant Shannon Paulson, and former CCEA Executive Director Estela Lopez.

Click HERE for the full press release.

Deborah Burton
By Gale HollandMarch 10, 2014, 4:29 p.m.

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed Monday accuses the city of Los Angeles of malicious prosecution for charging a skid row community organizer with assault after she blew an air horn during a demonstration.

City Atty. Carmen Trutanich charged Deborah Burton, 62, with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly blowing the horn in officials’ ears during a 2011 skid row protest. Burton was acquitted of all charges last July. The suit says the charges were aimed at stifling political dissent.

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The Hat Lot: Hats That Match

February 6, 2014

Couple weeks ago, I was driving by 120th and Avalon in South L.A. when I noticed a lot full of hats. I decided to stop by and check them out. I was impress how the hats were organized. I decided to ask the owners couple questions about how they started and I was blown away by their inspirational story.

3 years ago, Dana started selling hats on the fence since the lot inside was full of grass and it was not taken care of. Dana stated that Nora would always walk by the lot to go to the store and one day he decided to stop her and talk to her. Dana went on to say, “I use to call her Speedy because she would just walk by us and when I decided to stop her and talk to her, we have been together ever since.”

Dana and Nora developed a great relationship with the owner of the lot that Dana himself decided to clean the lot. One day Dana approach the owner with the idea of selling hats and his t-shirts inside the lot. The owner had so much respect for them that he agreed. With the help of the community they had a mural on the wall that read, “Hats That Match.” Dana and Nora have turned the empty lop into a very unique Hat store. A business that is respected in the community.

Dana and Nora got married on 12-12-12 and have been keeping their unique Mom and Pop Business going. They have people from out of state go visit them to buy some of their unique hats.

One thing that many customers won’t notice about Dana and Nora is that they are currently homeless sleeping in the house of Dana’s brother since October. It would be nice if the greater community can somehow come together and assist them in finding a permanent place to stay. Having a permanent place will not only allow them to have the peace of mind of having their own home but it will allow them to keep their focus on expanding their unique business. This is one of the thousands of stories that should be told in the news, LA TIMES, or covered by the media so that the greater Los Angeles community can be inspired by their amazing work and hopefully a kind soul will be able to assist them in finding their own place.

Here are the pictures of the amazing Hats that Match.

Dana and Nora talking about Hats That Match

Here is a client purchasing a hat

Remembering Pete Seeger: America’s Folk Legend

January 28, 2014

America lost a true legend last night in Pete Seeger. He was 94 years old and passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family members.

Pete’s music has been a big inspiration to me and to millions of people from around the world. He was a man with a great soul, someone who spoke truth to power and use his banjo as a weapon to sing about the injustices in the world. Pete was the Grandfather of the Social Justice Movement. He was the conscious that you would expect to see from an elder. A man with so much love to give that we were blessed to have him for 94 wonderful years of his life. A true American jewel whose legacy will never be forgotten.

To remember Pete, here is a great show put together by Amy Goodman. The whole team of Democracy Now did a great job of putting this together as we get to hear Pete talk about various issues as well as how he found out about his famous song, We Shall Overcome.

Here are the obituaries from the L.A. Times and NY Times:,0,2122566,full.story#axzz2riP3knAA

I like to remember him with my favorite Pete Seeger songs. Some songs are by Victor Jara that were inspired by Mr. Seeger. Enjoy:

Little Boxes in Spanish

Pete Seeger doing Justice to Jose Marti’s Poem

Kelly Thomas Life Mattered! Once Again Cops Get Away With Murder!

January 17, 2014

In a blow to Kelly Thomas’ family and those who believe in Justice, the “law” once again ends up protecting killer cops. We saw it in the case of Oscar Grant and now we see it in the case of Kelly Thomas. What is it going to take for killer cops to get justice? Why is it okay for cops to kill innocent human beings and get away with it? How can the Jury see the whole video where the cops murdered Kelly Thomas and not come to a conclusion that the police are responsible for his death? I have a hard time grasping that the jury didn’t hear Kelly yelling and asking the killer cops that he couldn’t breathe. How can any sane person not see this case and see the obvious-that the killer cops murdered a 37 year old man.

On the video one can clearly see Kelly apologizing and informing the police officers that he couldn’t breathe. He is later heard calling out for his father, who was a former cop, to help him out. The un-edited video is very painful to watch but one can clearly see there was no reason for the killer cops to use excessive force on Kelly. Here is the un-edited video for those who wish to see it.

The community of Fullerton and those who are concern about Justice should be outraged at this verdict. We cannot continue to have Killer Cops patrol our streets where on any given day they can kill an innocent person and then hide behind a freaking badge.

What is it going to take for killer cops to be treated like regular civilians and be sentence to prison for killing a human being? What kind of “Justice” system is it that only protects those in uniform and yet they are the biggest threat to our communities? How are people supposed to have faith in the “system” when we end up getting verdicts such as this one?

Let’s hope that the community of Fullerton puts pressure on this case and doesn’t stop their fight to get justice for Kelly Thomas.

Christian Alvarado, a 26 year old blind man will run the L.A. Marathon this weekend

March 14, 2012
Christian Alvardo is a 26 year old blind man who will be running his 11th Marathon this coming weekend. His story is one of perseverance and courage. A true inspiration. Baxter Holmes did a great job writing this great article. Here is the article. Enjoy.

Jaime Escalante…Presente!!!

March 30, 2011

A year ago today, Jaime Escalante passed away. The way he passed away demonstrated how messed up our health care system in America is. Escalante is one of millions of victims who have had their lives cut short due to a very tragic health care system.

I don’t know anyone who was not inspired by Stand and Deliver. He introduced the world to the word, GANAS. It is through GANAS that we need to continue teaching our young, whether in the classrooms or outside. We need to carry the seed that Escalante left in us and apply his philosophy not only to the young ones but to those we encounter on a daily basis, whether its the homeless laying down on the street, our elders, or just our family members. The beauty of GANAS is that when we fully let the word take over us, we see ripples of joy, compassion, empathy, respect and understanding surrounding our inner circles but also our greater community. Let us be driven by GANAS to make this world a better place.

Here is a great article that was written couple of weeks before his death.