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Remembering Brother Africa

March 1, 2016

Today is the 1 year death anniversary of Charly Keunang, better known to the world as Brother Africa, the homeless man whose death at the hands of LAPD was caught on video and went viral.

Today members of Los Angeles Community Action Network, Stop LAPD Spying, Black Lives Matter L.A. and the Skid Row Community gather at the steps of LAPD Headquarters that they “#CantKillAfrica!”

We have not forgotten that the LAPD let the officers who killed Brother Africa free withouth any charges file against them. We have not forgotten that one of the witnesses of Brother Africa is Trishawn Carey and continues to be in jail. Let’s get one thing clear here. Trishawn Carey is a political prisoner. #FreeTrishawn!

Here is footage of today’s demonstration. First is a great theatre play done by the amazing Suzette.

Here is video I took of today’s powerful peaceful demonstration.


These are articles from last year if people want to read how Brother Africa’s death took the nation by surprise.

I highly recommend people reading this great article, which one will get a better picture of who Brother Africa was.