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El Corrido de Canelo vs Chavez Jr

May 6, 2017

Este corrido si esta chingon. Pa cagarse de la risa.

Happy 80th Birthday, Roberto Clemente!

August 18, 2014


Happy 80th Birthday to Roberto Clemente! As a baseball and Dodgers fan, Roberto Clemente is one of my all time heroes. This is what I wrote about Clemente last year, so will include it below in addition to couple videos on the pride of Puerto Rico. Enjoy!

Roberto was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. At an early age, Roberto started playing baseball. In 1954, the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract to play for their Triple-A team, the Montreal Royals. While with the Royals, Roberto didn’t play that much. He was often bench. Some say that the Dodgers were trying to guard him from the Rookie Draft of 1954. But, Clyde Sukeforth, a baseball scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates observed that Clemente was being bench and encouraged the Pirates to draft him. On November 22, 1954, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Roberto Clemente in the Rookie Draft.

Roberto Clemente made his major league debut on April 17, 1955 against the Brooklyn Dodgers. He didn’t do well in his rookie season due to being involved in a car accident midway thru the season. Roberto Clemente really exploded with the Pirates in the 1960s. He led the Pirates to a World Series victory over the Yankees in 1960. Clemente led the National League in Batting in 1961, 1964, 1965 and 1967. He was the Most Valuable Player in 1966. He received numerous Gold Glove awards throughout the 60s for his outstanding defense. Clemente had a canon of an arm. He could throw a guy out at third base or home plate from right field. Players knew not to run on Clemente. He was one of the most amazing players to watch. He helped the Pirates win a second World Series in 1971 when the Pirates beat the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles in seven games. He was named World Series MVP after hitting .414 and hitting a solo home run in the Pirates 2-1 victory in game 7 of the World Series.

Roberto Clemente struggled with injuries and in 1972 he only played in 102 games but ended batting .312 in the season. Roberto collected his 3,000 hit, a double of the Mets’ Jon Matlack in front of the Pittsburgh Pirates fans at Three Rivers Stadium. That would end up being his last hit in the major leagues.

Roberto Clemente was not an ordinary baseball player. He used the diamond to expressed one of his many gifts. Clemente was a great soul. He cared for the most marginalized. He demonstrated tremendous compassion to the poor. Following the 1972 season, there was a catastrophic earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua. Upon realizing that some of the aid that he had previously sent to Nicaragua was not reaching those affected by the earthquake but intercepted by the Somoza government, Roberto Clemente boarded a small airplane that was taking aid packages to the victims. The plane left from Puerto Rico on December 31, 1972 but mechanical problems forced the plane to crash into the ocean off the coast of Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Everyone from the Pirates attended Clemente’s memorial except his close friend and teammate, catcher, Manny Sanguillen, who decided to jump into the ocean in hopes of finding Roberto’s body. Roberto Clemente’s body was never found.

Roberto Clemente was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame posthumously in 1973, becoming the first Latino to be elected into the Hall of Fame. Roberto was an amazing man. It takes a special man to go out of his way and coordinate emergency relief for victims of an earthquake in another country. Not only did Clemente orgazined relief funds but he put his family aside to personally go to Nicaragua and deliver the aid to the victims.

Major League Baseball (MLB) owes a lot to Roberto Clemente. I know that they have an award name after him for players who best follow Clemente’s humanitarian work but the award is not enough. It is time that Bud Selig, the commissioner of Baseball pays tribute to Clemente just the same way he did to Jackie Robinson. It is time for Clemente’s number 21 to be retired by all major league teams. Having his number 21 retired will send a powerful message that MLB truly honors and respects Clemente’s humanitarian work.

As a Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente fan, I think its only fair that 21 and 42 be the only numbers to be retired by all teams. Having 21 retired paves the way for MLB to have Roberto Clemente Days’ to be celebrated on August 18th as days where MLB will partner up with local community organizations and sponsor an organization that is doing amazing work on issues impacting that baseball’s town. In Los Angeles, it could be a grassroots organization working to end homelessness. In San Francisco, it could be an organization that advocates for equality when it comes to same sex marriages. In New York, it could be an organization that advocates for equal distribution of wealth and holds Wall Street thugs accountable to pay their share of taxes. In Pittsburgh, it could be an organization that brings awareness to the health conditions of the miners in Pennsylvania. If Major League Baseball had Roberto Clemente Days’ on August 18th, we will once again be demonstrating that Sports serves as a vehicle to address social issues that are not only impacting communities but putting the spotlight on community organizations who are making a difference in the lives of many Americans.

May we continue to keep Clemente’s legacy and spirit alive by living our lives for the greater good of others. Jackie Robinson once said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Roberto Clemente lived by that quote. More importantly, he lived by his own quote, “If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this Earth,”

Unforgivable Blackness: Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson

July 4, 2014

For those who love history, sports and boxing, here is one of the best documentaries ever made on Jack Johnson.

To read more about this great documentary by Ken Burns, check out this link where it has a lot of great information on Mr. Johnson and on the film.

On a side note, it is time for President Obama to posthumous pardon Jack Johnson. It is such a disgrace that we are in 2014 and we haven’t pardon Mr. Johnson. The Mann Act was clearly the only way they could destroy Jack Johnson. Here is a link where you can read the letter that Senators Harry Reid and John McCain wrote to Pres. Obama last year in the 100th anniversary of being wrongfully convicted for breaking the Mann Act:

Los Angeles Dodgers Win Their 10,000 Baseball Game In Franchise History

April 30, 2014

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their 10,000 Franchise game with today’s 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins. Remember this date as April 30,2014 will be a date that will be used in future Dodgers trivia questions. Another question will be who was the pitcher that won the Dodgers 10,000 game? The answer my friends is Zack Greinke. I can already visualize a Dodger employee asking when was the Dodgers first win for a chance to win_______? The Dodgers first win came on April 21, 1890 when they were in Brooklyn. There you have it! 🙂 I deserve better than a Dodger Dog for getting the answer correct! lol

The Dodgers are the fourth MLB franchise to win 10,000 games. The Giants, Cubs and Braves are the other ones.

I actually had plans to attend tonight’s game in Minneapolis as I was planning on taking couple days off from work to see my beloved Dodgers play the Twins but due to work commitments that plan was delayed. I will say that Target field is a great baseball stadium as I had the chance to visit it last year.

Looks like Zack Greinke is back to his 2009 self but more wiser. He has a record of 18 consecutive starts without allowing more than 2 runs. We haven’t seen that feat accomplished since 1914! With Greinke pitching the way he is and Kershaw expected to be back soon the Dodgers will once again have the best two pitchers leading their starting rotation in all of Baseball. If the Dodgers can stay healthy as a club from June til the end of the season, then I do expect the Dodgers to make a run at the title this year.

Here are some great articles people may enjoy reading.,0,1812947.story#axzz30RYcBO00


On a side note…April 30,2014 will also be cemented in L.A. Sports History as not only the date the Dodgers won their 10,000 game but the date when the L.A. Kings pulled off one of the amazing comebacks in Sports history as they came back from an 0-3 deficit to stun the Sharks 5-1 and win the best of 7 series. Good day to be a Sports fan in Los Angeles!

This Video Will Make You Laugh Out Loud, GUARANTEED!

April 30, 2014

Jimmy Fallon and Robinson Cano performed a classic psychological study with this hilarious prank. Look at how people’s behavior changes when the Cano that they are booing suddenly appears in front of them. The reaction from those Yankees fans is too funny!
This also shows us that many times people are brave enough to act one way towards another person when that person is not around then all of a sudden change their tone and demeanor when they are faced with that person.

My Thoughts on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

April 27, 2014

Donald Sterling is a racist. That is nothing new. What is new is that now that he got caught expressing his racist views has allowed the world to know what many people in Los Angeles knew about him.

Sterling’s racism goes a long way. He was sued by tenants of African American and Latino descent and had to settle the case out of court. He was quoted to say that he would only rent to Asians and not to African American and Latino people.

Sterling is also notorious for trying to hide his racism by buying up all kinds of ads in the LA Times and “promoting” his “goodwill” to minorities by stating how much his foundation helps out several non profits. Here is one where he is “celebrating” Black History month. It is interesting to point out that he decided to include Blake Griffin and not Chris Paul in the photo (maybe Racist Sterling felt Mr. Paul was ‘too dark’ for him).
Donald Sterling Black History Month
It is almost like Ben Champman, the racist Phillies manager saying racist slurs to Jackie Robinson and then coming back and telling people he wasn’t racist and to prove it, here is a picture of me and Jackie Robinson.
One thing that really bothered me was when I saw an NAACP ad in the LA Times that stated that the LA Chapter was going to honor Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I was disgusted and ashamed that the NAACP was going to honor a racist a-hole like Sterling, AGAIN! Sorry to say this, but it felt to me that the LA Chapter was too much concerned about receiving his money than about standing true to its values. Anytime an organization has to trade their values for money, that organization has already lost my respect. Out of all the people to present a Lifetime Achievement Award, they could not come up with a better person than Sterling, especially given this was going to be the 100th Anniversary, now that is sad. Here is the Ad that I saw in the LA Times couple months ago that I took a picture and glad I was able to save it for this occasion.
Leon Jenkins and the whole LA Chapter of NAACP should be ashamed! NAACP will most likely not honor Sterling and rightfully so. But it is sad that it had to take this recording for them to know that they were going to honor a racist fool.

Earlier today news broke out that Deadspin received an extended tape where Sterling goes off on his racist rants. It is disturbing to hear the stuff that comes out of that guys mouth. And this is not an accident. One can clearly see that this is the way the guy thinks.

Here is a new tape that includes an extension
One thing that sticks out to me is when Sterling is telling his girlfriend to not bring African Americans to his game, she counters by saying:
V: Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?

DS: You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?

After listening to this and the NBA doesn’t do anything then shame on the NBA. They should kick out Donald Sterling out of the NBA the same way Al Campanis and Marge Schott were kicked out of Major League Baseball. One has to wonder how many owners think the same way as Donald Sterling. The fact that this guy has been a well known racist and everybody kept it underneath the rug is alarming. Their is nothing to investigate. The NBA should not be doing business with a racist scumbag like Sterling.

I would go as far as to say that Donald Sterling is a Poverty Pimp. Pimping the Clippers Organization to make himself filthy wealthy. The guy has no interest in what the Clippers do. If they win or lose, he still is making money. It’s like pocket money for him since the majority of his wealth comes from his real estate. The guy is what Dave Zirin calls a Slumlord Billionaire. Speaking of Dave, read this great article on Sterling he wrote back in 2010. Great read. Enjoy:

Part of me feels like the Clipper players should boycott their upcoming game or lose so that Sterling won’t make profit from their work. But, part of me feels that they shouldn’t allow the Sterlings of the world prevent them from accomplishing a run at the NBA Title. It will be interesting to see if we have a game 5 and if we do, will Donald Sterling be at the Staples Center? Will fans protest outside the Staples Center? Will fans boycott the Clippers game?

One thing is for sure. The NBA is not a place for people like Donald Sterling.

Boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Ends His Fight With Prostate Cancer

April 20, 2014

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who became a victim of the racist criminal justice system of our country and spent 19 years in prison passed away today at the age of 76. According to his friend, John Artis, prostate cancer was the reason for his death.

Hurricane Carter boxing career was cut short when he was wrongfully convicted of the shooting in Lafayette Grill in Paterson, New Jersey, where two White men and a White woman were killed. His case drew worldwide attention and Amnesty International considered him a “Prisoner of Conscience.”

After prison he moved to Toronto and spend the rest of his life there. In 2004, he founded Innocence International that talked about the injustice of America’s Criminal Justice. Mr. Carter’s was working on the exoneration of David McCallum, a Brooklyn man who has been imprisoned on murder charges since 1985. In an article that was published by The Daily News on February 21, 2014, he asks Brooklyn’s District Attorney Ken Thompson to free Mr. McCallum and grant him a full verdict hearing. This is what Hurricane Carter considers his “last wish to those with the legal authority.”

Rubin Hurricane Carter will not only be remembered in the Boxing and Sports community but his case who drew international attention and exposed the racist criminal justice system of our country will be a reminder that America’s justice system has not changed. Let’s hope that Mr. Ken Thompson will grant Rubin’s last wish and exonerate David McCallum.

Here are great articles that go into more detail about the life of Rubin Hurricane Carter.


Here is ESPN’s Sports Century Documentary on Hurricane Carter. In this documentary it also talks about the inaccuracies of the film, Hurricane. Enjoy.

Disrespect in Dodger Blue: Why Number 11 Should Be Worn Only by Manny Mota | The Nation

March 15, 2014

Disrespect in Dodger Blue: Why Number 11 Should Be Worn Only by Manny Mota | The Nation.

Click on the link above to read this great article.

Saul Canelo Alvarez Stops El Perro Angulo In A Controversial Stoppage

March 10, 2014

This past Saturday night, Boxing fans filled the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to witness a Mexican all out “Toe to Toe” action packed fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo El Perro Angulo. What ended happening was Canelo giving Angulo a beating so bad that referee Tony Weeks had to stopped the fight in the 10th round.

The fight started with Canelo dominating the fight with his speed and landing some solid punches. Angulo started the fight by throwing punches that looked so slow that one would think they were watching a replay in slow motion. Angulo’s punches quickly got my attention and it raised suspicion about the fight.

The 2nd round was the same with Canelo landing more effective punches and Angulo just walking into them. Everytime that Angulo threw a punch it appeared that it was thrown with the intention to not hurt Canelo. This is boxing. Punches have to be thrown with the intention to hurt your opponent.

As the fight went on, it became more frustrated because Canelo kept landing more punches, attacking the body and going upstairs and Angulo would not do any in return. At times it look like people were watching a sparring session where Angulo was being used to make Canelo look good. If that was the intention from the beginning then the fight served its purpose.

There was a round where I believe it was the 8th round where Angulo showed some signs of his late self when he attacked Canelo and threw some solid punches. It was painful to see Canelo toy with Angulo and at times humiliating him by dancing in the ring and mocking Angulo.

The fight quickly brought me flashbacks of Pacquiao vs Margarito where it is safe to say that Arum made the fight knowing that Margarito was gonna play the part and allow Pacquiao to make history by winning the 154 lb title in a fight that was made at a catchweight of 150lbs. In that fight, Margarito was a punching bag for Pacquiao and ended receiving a terrible beating at the hands of Pacquiao. There was no way Arum was gonna let the controversial Margarito, who had served his suspension for his illegal hand wrap incident beat the superstar Manny Pacquiao, especially when his Top Rank Promotions would have suffered a huge blow. NO WAY. Bob Arum may be a crook but he is a smart one. 

Having images of Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito, a boxing fan watching the fight could easily see how beaten and damaged Angulo was. Just like Margarito, Angulo kept fighting and kept moving forward. The frustrating part was that Angulo never showed his true punching power in the fight. I don’t know what Virgil Hunter was telling Angulo in the corner to motivate him but if the fight was not fix, I would say something along these lines, “Angulo you care about your daughter, Rebecca?! Canelo is trying to take the food from Rebecca’s plate! Now go out there and let Canelo know that no one messes around with Rebecca!” Or, “Angulo, you see Canelo?! He is the director of the Immigration Center where you were falsely detained for 8 months! Go out there and show Canelo that this fight is for all the rage that you kept inside for those 8 miserable rounds! Fight for all those falsely imprisoned who continue to be locked up!” I would have said something that would have made Angulo upset and fought with more intensity. The Angulo that fought on Saturday night is not the same fighter that boxing fans came to love. We applaud his warrior spirit but Angulo was not the same fighter that put pressure on Erislandy Lara, the same one that knocked him down twice. Angulo was simply not El Perro. 

As for the stoppage in the 10th round, which came after Canelo landed a solid uppercut, I don’t agree with the stoppage but I understand Ref. Tony Weeks reasoning. It would have made more sense if Canelo would have landed a 3-4 punch combination and Angulo not have responded back but given the beating that Angulo had received up until that moment and to prevent any more beating, the fight was stopped. 

As a fan, we never want to see a fight stopped in such a controversy but in fairness their is no one to blame but Angulo. He put himself in that situation early in the fight and their was no way he was gonna get himself out of it. Boxing is a crazy sport. It can end in one punch. Angulo could have used all the championship rounds to try to pull the upset but given the body language and the pace of the fight, that was practically impossible. 

This fight showed that Canelo rebounded beautifully from his loss to Mayweather. It showed that Angulo can take a punch and is a Mexican warrior. It showed that Angulo was not El Perro. The Angulo who fought Lara would have given Canelo trouble and made the fight much more interesting. 

The question for both fighters is what’s next for Canelo and Angulo. Would Canelo be willing to fight Lara in July. That is questionable given that Lara is scheduled to fight Ishe Smith on May 2nd and if that fight happens would rule out a Canelo vs Lara fight in July. If Lara is not available, would Canelo be willing to fight Kirkland? We shall see. As for Angulo, where does he go from here? His eyes were badly swollen. How much of a break would Angulo take? Is this the end for Angulo? Who does he fights next? Angulo is an exciting fighter to watch if he fights like he used to fight. If Angulo works on his foot work, defense and doesn’t allow anything to interfere his game plan, El Perro still a dangerous opponent to face. Let’s hope that Angulo just had a bad night and hope he comes out stronger in his next fight.

Was the Canelo vs Angulo Fight Fix?

March 9, 2014

Last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, many boxing fans expected Saul Canelo Alvarez to get his first real test as he was fighting Alfredo El Perro Angulo, whose punching power and pressure style fighting can cause a lot of trouble. What ended happening was leaving many fans wondering if the fight was fix. 

The fight left true boxing fans with many suspicions. The first round, Angulo looked slow and when he was throwing punches it appeared that he was throwing them with no intention to hurt Canelo. It look like they were merely slaps.

The first half of the fight looked like that. Angulo looking slow and throwing punches without that killer instinct that made him a fan favorite. It wasn’t until the later rounds that Angulo looked like his punches were thrown with such great force but those moments were very few.

Canelo kept landing hard solid punches and he did beat up El Perro pretty bad. But Boxing fans, expected to see the Angulo’s punching power and pressure style at full force and give Canelo problems. The question coming into the fight was can Canelo take Angulo’s punch? Can Canelo fight with Angulo pressuring the whole fight? Those questions were not answered because the Angulo that many fans were expecting never showed up.

Angulo in the boxing community is known as a fighter with a serious punch. A fighter who will hunt you down with his intense pressure. Fans did not see that last night. Yes, Angulo was charging and moving forward but Canelo kept landing solid punches and good combinations. That is to be expected since Angulo is not known for his defense. What fans didn’t get to see was the Angulo that fought Erislandy Lara. The Angulo who was cutting the ring, putting pressure and neutralizing Lara’s superb boxing skills. The Angulo who knock down Lara twice in their fight. The Angulo whose punching power has been his most feared reputation was not there.

Was the plan to use Angulo’s name to fill seats in the MGM Grand? Was the plan to use Angulo’s resume as a puncher who goes “Toe to Toe” but not necessarily engage in “Toe to Toe” since doing so could knock out Canelo and therefore ruin Golden Boys’ plans just the same way that Marcos Maidana ruined Golden Boys’ plans when he knocked out Victor Ortiz. Was the Maidana vs Ortiz fight a reminder of the dangers that GBP could see themselves if the fighters actually went to Toe to Toe. Were there outside forces controlling the fight that journalist and boxing fans are not aware of? Was Angulo forced to fight a fight that was meant to make Canelo look good? 

Boxing fans were left with a sour taste from last nights’ fight. If the fight was made to make Canelo look good then the promoters succeeded. No one would ever know if the fight was indeed fix. It is hard to believe that in this day in age, promoters would fix fights simply to take care of their prize fighter. Then again, in boxing like in any business, money talks. As long as the money keeps coming in the business will flourish. If the money stops then the business takes a huge cut. I don’t think Golden Boy was going to let Canelo take a huge hit especially considering that he is their cash cow at the present moment.