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West Coast Day of Action For Homeless Bill of Rights

February 6, 2014

During the MLK weekend, L.A. CAN, Hunger Action LA, Occupy Venice, Food Not Bombs and several other organizations participated in a West Coast Day of Action to bring awareness about the California Homeless Bill of Rights. Member organizations (such as LA CAN) from the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) had their own special event to bring awareness about the Homeless Bill of Rights in their own city. The following videos will show the successful event that we had in Venice Beach.

Support A CA Homeless Bill of Rights By Coming To Venice Beach

January 17, 2014

Support A CA Homeless Bill of Rights By Coming To Venice Beach

Tomorrow in Venice Beach, we will be meeting at 11am at Ocean Front Walk and Rose Ave. Please spread the word.

Fighting for a Homeless Bill of Rights: A look From the Front Lines

November 5, 2013

Hollywood, CA–

The food and medical services provided for poor people on Sycamore and Romaine Streets has been going on for nearly a quarter. Recently there has been a campaign by Los Angeles Councilmember LaBonge and “neighbors” to shut the services down. Connected to the shutdown is a larger attempt to create policy that would effectively stop charitable services from being provided on public property. We who believe in freedom cannot rest until freedom comes and will not sit by idly while special interests dictate how we take care of one another.

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Launching Homeless Bill of Rights in L.A. To End Criminalization of Homeless People

October 24, 2013

Here is a video from the launching of the Homeless Bill of Rights that we had in L.A. earlier this month.
For folks who want to get involved or want to learn more about the Homeless Bill of Rights feel free to check out these sites:

LA CAN Members Bring Awareness on World Homeless Day

October 10, 2013


Today is World Homeless Day. LA CAN members will be giving Assembly Speaker John Perez a letter sign by the community in hopes to get his support for the California Homeless Bill of Rights.
To find out how to get involve in supporting the CA Homeless Bill of Rights please go to: and
The best way to bring awareness on a day like today is to have a conversation with a homeless person. Listen to them. Look into their eyes. Shake their hands. Acknowledge them. Recognize their dignity. If you do, your life will be transform because the wisdom that you will receive from such encounter will remind you of the true values of life. 

Call Your Elected Officials To Pass AB 5: Homeless Bill of Rights

May 22, 2013


For those in California, please call your representatives and have them support AB5. We need this bill to pass so cities will stop criminalizing people for being homeless and respect the Homeless Bill of Rights.

The following information is taken from :

AB 5, The Homeless Bill of Rights is being held in suspense by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. We need Californians everywhere to make their voice heard!

Here are some steps you can take to support AB 5, The Homeless Bill of Rights:

#1 – In support of the California Hunger Action Day on Wednesday May 22nd, AB 5 supporters are being asked to contact members of the Appropriations Committee to reinforce the message that homelessness and the suffering associated with it, like hunger and incarceration, must end.

Every year advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, nutritionists, food bank supporters, and others concerned about the millions of Californians experiencing hunger travel by bus, car, and plane to participate in an important event, the annual California Hunger Action Day happening on Wednesday May 22nd. As a part of their legislative priorities, they will be lobbying for AB 5 as a critical step towards ending hunger. You can join them, too! Be sure to prioritize May 22nd for making your calls but keep the pressure on until May 24th.

Sample script: “Hello, my name is ____________ and I am a resident of _____. I am calling to urge the Assemblymember to vote in support of AB 5, the Homeless Bill of Rights, moving out of suspense.
I believe the savings from ending the criminalization of homelessness greatly outweigh any costs associated with AB 5.”

If you’re in the East Bay:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto, Chair: 916-319-2043,
Bill Quirk: 916-319-2020,

If you’re in Los Angeles:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Raul Bocanegra: 916-319-2039,
Steven Bradford: 916-319-2062,
Ian C. Calderon: 916-319-2057,
Jimmy Gomez: 916-319-2051,
Isadore Hall, III: 916-319-2064,
Chris R. Holden: 916-319-2041,

If you’re in Sacramento:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Susan Talamantes Eggman: 916-319-2013,
Richard Pan: 916-319-2009,

If you’re in San Francisco:
Speaker Perez: 916-319-2053,
Mike Gatto: 916-319-2043,
Nora Campos: 916-319-2027,
Shirley N. Weber: 916-319-2079,

#2 –We only have till May 24th to get off of suspense and to the full assembly before the end of this session..
so call every day!!!

Send your Support Letter images/stories/ ab5documents/ AB5SupportLetter_Assembly_. pdf

to Appropriation Committee members images/stories/ ab5documents/ FullAppropAssembly.pdf

Full Assembly roster images/stories/ ab5documents/ Fullassemblylist.pdf


#3 – “Like” & “Share” AB 5 Daily Facts available on WRAP’s facebook. WRAP members need your support in countering the misinformation being shared about what AB 5 will and will not do. Help us by sharing an AB 5 Daily Fact posted everyday on WRAP’s facebook. The daily facts share the hard and simple facts about AB 5 and why California needs to pass this critical piece of legislation NOW and highlights our brilliant campaign artwork.

To post or see past AB 5 Daily Facts, visit our facebook by clicking here!

#4 – Sustain the AB 5 Campaign by making a donation to WRAP. WRAP member organizations are made up of the grassroots movement to end homelessness and the human suffering attached to it. Most of our work is volunteer-based and centers the voices and experiences of homeless and poor people. Your monetary and in-kind donations keep this work moving forward.

For more information on WRAP, AB 5, and to make a donation, please visit the WRAP website by clicking here.


The Homeless State Prison

November 11, 2011