Videos From Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares All Out War

August 30, 2015

Last night, Boxing fans were treated to an amazing fight at the Staples Center. Leading to the fight, one had predicted that the fans were going to be half Santa Cruz fans and half Mares fight. But, ast the fight started it became evident that the crowd was majority Santa Cruz fans.

Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares fight was a fight that was brewing for couple of years. It was this generations’ Barrera vs Morales. In that fight, we had Mexico City(Barrera) vs Tijuana (Morales). The Santa Cruz vs Mares brought the Mexican rivalry to another level as well. Michoacan (Santa Cruz) vs Jalisco(Mares). Not only was there Mexican statehood represented but this fight was also for the Battle of L.A.

The fight started as expected with Mares bringing his fight and aggressiveness to Santa Cruz. Throughout the fight there were very close rounds to judge but towards the middle rounds and the Championship rounds, Santa Cruz looked like the more active and the one who was more accurate with his punches. Mares appeared tired towards those middle rounds and appeared to pick up a 2nd wind in the last couple of rounds but it wasn’t enough to stop Santa Cruz volume punches.

With Santa Cruz winning a majority decision in what is the front runner for Fight of the Year, fans want to see a rematch for later this year. I would love to see them go at it this year but it all depends on what Al Haymon decides. If Santa Cruz doesn’t give Mares the immediate rematch, it will be interesting to see who he decides to fight in his next fight. Walters? Rigendoux? Hampton? Quigg? Boxing fans would just have to wait and see.

I recorded Rounds 1, 9 and 12 from last night’s fight. Enjoy and let’s hope we get SantaCruzVsMares2 later this year.


July 30, 2015


Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Pre Fight Analysis

May 2, 2015

mayweather-pacquiao (17)

mayweather-pacquiao (13)

mayweather-pacquiao (10)

The moment that boxing fans have been waiting for has arrived. In the next couple of hours, the Sports world will pay its attention to Las Vegas, Nevada and witness the most anticipated fight of this century.

Yesterday at the weigh-in, thousands of fans packed the arena to witness Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao tip the scales. First was Manny Pacquiao who weighed at a comfortable 145 pounds, followed by Mayweather who tip the scales at a solid 146 pounds.

The traditional stare down didn’t offer any pre-fight fireworks but this is the moment where the fighter can gain the psychological advantage over his opponent. Mayweather was serious who kept staring into Pacquiao, while Manny appeared at ease and peaceful. Pacquaio later that day was quoted as saying that he saw in Mayweather’s eyes a lot of worry.

Before the main event starts, there will be 2 fights on the undercard, which is strange in the PPV business since in the past there have been 3 undercard fights then the main event. The first fight will be Lomachenko vs Rodriguez and the co-main event will be Leo Santa Cruz vs Sepa La Bola (aka WHO). Santa Cruz is fighting a guy who got the fight on a week notice while Abner Mares was willing to fight on a 3 week notice and Al Haymon, Santa Cruz manager decided to not make that fight.

As a boxing fan, I am disappointed that the promoters of this event failed to provide a great undercard where they could have taken advantage of the millions of viewers who will be tuning into the fight and possibly turn some of those viewers into fans. This was supposed to be The Super Bowl of Boxing and for that the promoters should have treated it as such and gone out of their way to please the true boxing fans and the sports world in putting together one of the best cards in Boxing history. I would have loved to have seen Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios, Danny Garcia vs Adrian Broner and Marcos Maidana vs Amir Khan 2 on the May Pac undercard. A card stacked like this would have been no problem for fans to pay $100 for the PPV because any one of those fights could potential be a fight of the year candidate. Instead we will see two fights that no one cares about before the main event.

The fight that was supposed to be made in 2009 has finally come! Tonight we will find out who is the best fighter in our generation. Tonight’s winner will be crown the undisputed Pound for Pound Champion. Below are my analysis of each fighter and what they would need to do to come up victorious.

First with the underdog, Manny Pacquiao. This is the first time in awhile that Pacquiao is stepping into the ring as an underdog but he has embraced this role well throughout his camp.  For Manny to win this fight, he has to put pressure on Mayweather from the start. Pacquiao has the speed and footwork to give Floyd problems. He has to use his jab early and throw a lot of punches from different angels. Manny has to make Floyd fight at his pace. He cannot let Floyd dictate the tempo of the fight. If Pacquiao is throwing punches in bunches from different angles and putting pressure on Floyd, the chances of Floyd suffering his first loss will increased. If he allows Floyd to control the ring and the tempo of the fight then I see Pacquaio getting frustrated and not being able to find a rhythm to press his attack.

For Floyd Mayweather to win, he has to do what he always does and that is to keep his patience and stick to his style, which is not very fan friendly. A lot of people don’t understand that Floyd is a BOXER, not a FIGHTER and Manny is a FIGHTER, not a BOXER. To give a baseball analogy, seeing Floyd fight is like watching a pitchers duel and Pacquiao is like watching a homerun derby. There are those that appreciate the beautiful craft of boxing in Floyd and others the aggressiveness in Pacquiao. Also, a lot of fans fail to understand that Mayweather approaches every fight like a chess match. His objective is to checkmate his opponent. Mayweather has a tremendous boxing IQ and is able to adapt as the fight goes on. Mayweather will try to use the distance between him and Pacquiao and out jab Manny. Floyd’s counter punches will take Manny out of his rhythm. Mayweather has to stay away from the ropes and find an answer to Pacquaio’s left hand. If Floyd maintains the fight in the center of the ring and takes advantage of Pacquiao’s frustration from the lack of toe to toe action, then psychologically speaking, Mayweather will have already defeated Pacquiao.

It will be very interesting to see how Pacquiao starts the first round. If he starts the round by putting pressure and taking the fight to Floyd and doing that for the whole fight then one can expect a very entertaining fight. But, if Pacquiao starts the first round trying to study Floyd, then one can expect the first round to go to Floyd. The best way to beat a thinking boxer like Floyd is to not make him think. And in order to do that Manny has to throw punches in bunches from different angles and apply that same rhythm for the whole fight.

I see Pacquiao starting strong the first couple of rounds, but by round 4, Floyd will have made the adjustments necessary to take away Pacquaos’ ammo. Floyd will also capitalize on Pacquiao’s “jumpy” and impatient ability by countering him and taking him out of his game plan. Pacquiao will have couple clean shots but his lack of body punches will benefit Floyd in the later rounds. I will not be surprise if Floyd knocks down Pacquaio just the same way if Pacquaio knocks down Floyd. Ultimately, Floyd’s superb defense and ability to make adjustments throughout the fight will prove the difference as he will go on to win via a unanimous (I want to say controversial) decision. Mayweather in 12.

Estreno Mundial del Video AntiPatriarca-Ana Tijoux

April 28, 2015

Ana Tijoux estreno su video Antipatriarca el 26 de Abril antes de su concierto en el Centro Cultural de Mexico en Santa Ana. Disfrutenlo:

Ana Tijoux Envia Un Mensaje Solidario A Los Familiares de Ayotzinapa

April 28, 2015

Ana Tijoux despues de su concierto en Santa Ana tomo tiempo para enviar este emotivo mensaje a los familiares de los 43 normalistas desaparecidos en Ayotzinapa.

#VivosSeLosLlevaron #VivosLosQueremos

Recordando al Maestro Eduardo Galeano

April 14, 2015

Ayer, Latino America y el Mundo recibieron la triste noticia desde Montevideo, Uruguay, que el maestro Eduardo Galeano habia fallecido. El escritor, poeta, futbolista, anti-imperialista, izquierdista y mas que todo, humanista, se nos adelanto en un camino donde vamos todos. En sus 74 primaveras, nos inspiro con sus libros y pensamientos. Nos deja sus libros donde su espiritu estara presente en cada libro que nos toca leer. Estoy todavia conmovido igual que millones de otras personas.

Prefiero recordarlo con estos videos del gran maestro:

Con esta cancion recuerdo a nuestro querido Eduardo!

Eduardo Galeano, PRESENTE!!


Normalista de Ayotzinapa Relata Su Experiencia Durante La Caravana43

April 12, 2015

Durante la Caravana43 en Los Angeles, Angel Neri De la Cruz Ayala, compartio su experiencia en aquella triste y dolorosa noche del 26 de Septiembre.

La #Caravana43 Traera a Padres e Estudiantes de Ayotzinapa a Los Angeles

March 18, 2015


Los Angeles, CA—El 19 de Marzo, El Colectivo Caravana 43 Los Angeles/Inland Empire daran la bienvenida a padres y estudiantes de Ayotzinapa a esta gran ciudad. Estaran en Los Angeles y Riverside hasta el Domingo, donde se habra una gran Marcha que comenzara en la Placita Olvera y terminara en el Consulado Mexicano.

Los 5 miembros que participaran en la Caravana de Los Angeles/Inland Empire son:

Blanca Luz Nava Velez, Madre de Jorge Alvarez Nava

Estanislao Mendoza Chocolate, Padre de Miguel Angel Mendoza Zacarias

Angel Neri De La Cruz Ayala, Estudiante

Josimar De La Cruz Ayala, Estudiante

Cruz Bautista Salbador, Profesor Bilingue

Van a ver dos grupos, Grupo A y Grupo B.

Grupo A llegaran a Los Angeles el 19 de Marzo, y en ese grupo viene:

Angel Neri De La Cruz Ayala y Cruz Bautista Salbador.

El Grupo B llegaran a Los Angeles el 20 de Marzo y en ese grupo viene:

Blanca Luz Nava Velez, Estanislao Mendoza Chocolate y Josimar De La Cruz Ayala.

El Itinerario durante su estadia es el siguiente:

Jueves, 19 de Marzo:

  • 11:30am–Llegada del Grupo A al aeropuerto LAX; Recibimiento y declaracion de 5 minutos. (Group A arrives to LAX; Welcoming and Brief Declaration of 5 minutes)
  • 2:30-4:00pm–Presentacion en Cal State Northridge.
  • 4:30pm-8:00pm–Conferencia Prensa y Entrevista con Medios

Viernes, 20 de Marzo

Actividades de Grupo A

  • 10:00am-12:00pm–Presentacion en Cal State L.A., Room King Hall C4073 Direccion: 5151 University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032. Los que gusten mas informacion pueden llamar al Latin American Studies Department–323-343-2298 o via email:
  • 2:00-5:00pm–Participacion en taller en Conferencia de California Federation of Teachers (Manhattan Beach)

Actividades de Grupo B

  • 11:00am Llegada al aeropuerto de Los Angeles LAX
  • 2:00-3:30pm: Evento con Estudiantes y Padres de Familia de la escuela Animo Leadership High School en Inglewood, CA
  • 3:30-5:00pm Evento Comunitario: Restaurante La Feria: 10903 South Inglewood, Inglewood, CA 90304

Sabado, 21 de Marzo

  • 10:00am-12:00pm–Placita Olvera: Evento Cultural–Primavera Ayotzinapa y Conferencia de Prensa
  • 1:00-3:00pm–Evento con la comunidad Centroamericana (CARECEN: 2845 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005)
  • 5:00-7:00pm–Evento Comunitario en el Edificio de UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles) 3303 Wilshire Blvd, 10th FL, Los Angeles, CA 90010 (Estacionamiento por la parte de atras. ABIERTO PARA TODO EL PUBLICO

Domingo, 22 de Marzo

Actividades de Grupo A

  • 10:00am-11:00am–Participacion en plenaria de la Confederacion de la California Federation of Teachers en Manhattan Beach

Actividades de Grupo B

  • 8:30am-10:30am–Desayuno abierto al Publico y Convivencia con la Caravana en Life Arts Center, 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501
  • 11:00am-12pm–Misa por Ayotzinapa en la Iglesia: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 5250 Central Ave, Riverside, CA 92504

Actividades de Grupo A y Grupo B Conjuntos

  • 1:00pm-4:00pm–Marcha de Placita Olvera al Consulado General de Mexico.

Los Compas tienen una cuenta de Banco para los que quieran apoyarlos economicamente. La cuenta se llama: Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras.

Banco—Wells Fargo

Cuenta—247 595 8100

Pueden enviar su check al:

Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras

3611 Golden Tee LN

Missouri City, TX 77459

**** El dinero es para pagar los gastos de boletos de avion y transporte terrestre de los compas de Ayotzi en Estados Unidos y para apoyar a las Madres y Padres de Ayotzinapa. Nada del dinero se usara para ningun otro fin.


Why Did The U.S. Excluded The St. Patrick Battalion From Its History Books?

March 17, 2015


Long Live The Saint Patrick Battalion!

Originally posted on victorjara42's Blog:

How many Irish Americans know about the St. Patrick Battalion? Chances are very slim. If you were to ask kids in Mexico about the “Batallon de San Patricio,” or simply, “Los San Patricios,” during the U.S-Mexican War, chances are that the majority would know how to answer that question.

History is interpreted by who writes it. If one has a targeted audience but omits certain information then it will be difficult for that audience to fully understand the whole scope of that historical period.

It is interesting that the U.S. History books have omitted a special part of the U.S.-Mexico War. The Saint Patrick Batallion. Why is that? Could it be that the U.S. would not want Irish-Americans from knowing the real history? Is America embarrassed how they treated the Irish people for standing next to their Mexican brothers in an unjust war?

I believe that if the Saint Patrick…

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Herminda de la Victoria Siempre en Nuestra Memoria

March 16, 2015

Originally posted on victorjara42's Blog:

Victor Jara dedica esta cancion a la guagua(bebe)Herminda que fallecio por una bala disparada por los Carabineros.

Este en un excelente documental sobre La Poblacion Herminda de la Victoria

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