The Dodgers and the 2003 Marlins Team

October 22, 2016

What do this Dodgers team and the 2003 Marlins have in common? Both were down 3 games to 2 heading into Game 6 at Wrigley Field. We all know how that Game 6 turned out in what became known as the Steve Bartman game even though the Cubs shortstop had a chance to turned an inning ending double play.

There is a lot at stake heading into this game. The Dodgers will counter with Clayton Kershaw, who shut out the Cubs in Game 2 and if the ghost of Steve Bartman haunts the team, the series will move into a Game 7, where Dodgers pitcher, Rich Hill, shut the Cubs hitters in Game 3.

The pressure on Game 6 is more on the Cubs than on Kershaw. I like the Dodgers chances of winning tonight and taking the series to Game 7 where the Cubs will be forced to close out the series and head to their 1st World Series appearance since 1945.

On the other hand, you have the resilient Dodgers who have made me think of them as the resurrection of the 2003 Marlins team. That team not only were they down 3 games to 2 against the Cubs but won Game 6 and 7 to make it to the World Series. Once they got there they beat the Yankees to become World Champions. 

As a Dodgers fan, I find comfort envisioning this team winning game 6 then game 7 to make it to the World Series and winning it as a tribute to the amazing career of Vin Scully. One does not have to be a Dodgers fan to recognize what Vin means to baseball. I hope the Baseball Gods are working their magic to give the Dodgers a victory tonight and in game 7 so that they can head to the World Series and give Vin Scully a nice retirement gift with a Championship ring.

But, in order to get there, Dodgers need to give Kershaw a nice comfortable lead and win tonight. I believe in this team. Let’s Go Dodgers! 

Juan Gabriel QEPD 

August 31, 2016

Tuve la dicha oportunidad de atender 3 de sus conciertos, el ultimo fue el año pasado en el L Festival que se llevo acabo en Octubre en los terrenos de la feria en Orange County.

Los conciertos de Juan Gabriel eran una experiencia inolvidable. Al verlo tocar te dabas cuenta que estabas en la presencia de un ser divino.

Juan Ga seguira inspirando a todos sus fans porque sus canciones nos llevaban a lo mas profundo de nuestro ser. 🙏

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles 

July 11, 2016

What was supposed to be a gathering of about 200 people at a Black Lives Matter L.A. event at Chuco’s Justice Center turned into a 2,000 plus rally at Inglewood’s Centinela Park. 

We gathered here before we took the streets and March the streets of Inglewood. It was a very peaceful march with over 2,000 people. 

Black and Brown Unity

July 7, 2016

The biggest threat to White AmeriKKKa is the unity of Black and Brown. When we join forces and recognized the struggles in every ghetto and barrio are the same and that the system was design to have us clash against each other while they profit from our community inflicted trauma, we will start making strides to heal our wounds.

To start healing our wounds we need to come together in unity and organized our communities in 2s and 3s and ensure that in our vicinity we police ourselves, don’t want to be the latest casualty.

I say we name ourselves, The Killer Bees, fuck with our infantry and my R.B.Gees will have you calling A State of Emergency.

That’s exactly where we at, S.O.E. Daily casualties multiply by 3 Piercing our communities with bullets taking innocent lives like Alton Sterling and I’m wondering which next city will create the latest catastrophe.

Viva Victor Jara

June 30, 2016


Esta es una camiseta que me hize en memoria de nuestro compañero Victor Jara.
Me puse a escuchar sus canciones cuando encontraron a Pedro Barrientos culpable por el asesinato de Victor.
La memoria de Victor Jara siempre estara en nuestros corazones.

Viva Victor Jara!


Chile Es Bi-Campeon De La Copa America

June 27, 2016


Ayer fue el cumpleaños del Dr. Salvador Allende y en honor al Compañero Presidente, me personalize esta camiseta de La Roja. Con esta misma camiseta celebre la victoria de Chile ayer.

Que partidazo fue la final de la Copa Centenario. Una vez mas, Chile y Argentina se fueron a penales y otra vez Chile le gana a Argentina. El partido de ayer fue casi igualito al de la final del año pasado donde Chile gano su primer Copa America y lo hizo en casa.

El heroe debe ser Bravo. Esa parada que hizo le salvo el partido a Chile.

Fue un gran juego lleno de emocion y estres. Con todo respeto a Messi, siento que como amantes del deporte lo debemos respetar y darle animo en estos tiempos tan dificiles para el. Este lamentablemente no fue su año pero todavia tiene la Copa Mundial para prepararse.

Felicidades Chile! Viva Chile! Viva Allende!

Resurrected–Poem in Honor of The Homeless

June 5, 2016


The Homeless People
are not being respected
they are continually
being neglected
their police brutality
is not being documented
their civil rights
are always being violated
city officials have there
incarceration all premeditated.

In them,
I see my Creator
being resurrected
and being disguised
to walk with the
most marginalized
and it’s up to us
to realized
it’s hidden message
cuz it won’t be televised

Stevie Wonder Performs Purple Rain

May 7, 2016

Yesterday, Los Angeles paid tribute to Prince. The show ended with Stevie Wonder perfoming Purple Rain.

Pics from 10 year Anniversary of La Gran Marcha

May 7, 2016

On March 26th, a group of folks got together to remember the 10 year anniversary of La Gran March. On March 26, 2006, over a million folks took to the streets to protest the HR4437 Sensenbrenner Bill. It was not only the largest demonstration in L.A.’s history but also the nation.

I felt that events similar to March 26th are dates that should be archieved in the history of the social movements of this country. If we don’t remember these dates, future generations will not learn the history of our freedom in the classrooms.

The event was advertised as a commemoration march to remember La Gran Marcha of 2006 but also as a rallying cry to stand up against Trump and his hateful rhetoric and letting folks know that L.A. stands in solidarity with cities such as Chicago who made it loud and clear that Trump hateful speech and xenophobia was not welcomed.

Although it wasn’t well attended, most of it may have to do with the divise politics that exist in L.A. and people’s ego getting in the way. The most important part was that a group of folks demonstrated to those who are “down with the people” that it doesn’t need a non profit or high profile people to make things happen and lead a demonstration. As a grassroots effort, an invitation was sent out to several organizations and progressive groups but for whatever reason they failed to participate.

The event was also a creative one in that a Trump piñata was brought and after some of the participants broke the piñata to demonstrate that in Los Angeles, we smash racism and xenophobia. Here are some images from the participation.


10th Anniversary Commemoration March of ‘La Gran Marcha’

March 21, 2016

Please join us as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of La Gran Marcha, where on March 25, 2006, a million people march thru the streets of Downtown Los Angeles to protest the racist HR4437 Sensenbrenner Bill.

10 years later we have a presidential candidate in Donald Trump running a racist, xenophobic and divisive campaign.

On Saturday, March 26 come out as we march through the streets of Downtown L.A. by marching for immigrant rights, human rights, and social justice, and against Trumps’ racist and xenophobic agenda.

Come and bring your signs and banners as we will gather at 11am on the corner of Olympic and Broadway in Downtown L.A.

Favor de acompañarnos para commemorar el Decimo Aniversario de La Gran Marcha, del 25 de Marzo, 2006, cuando un millon de personas marcharon por las calles del Centro de Los Angeles para protestar la racista legislacion HR4437 (Sensenbrenner Bill).

10 años despues tenemos a un candidato a la presidencia estadounidense en Donald Trump promoviendo una campaña racista, xenofobica y causando mucha polemica. El Sabado, 26 de Marzo vengan y acompañenos cuando marchemos por las calles del Centro de Los Angeles marchando por los derechos de inmigrantes, derechos humanos, y justicia social.

Como una gran comunidad hay que manifestarnos contra el racismo y la xenofobia que marca la agenda de Donal Trump.

Vengan y traigan sus pancartas este Sabado a las 11am en la esquina de la Olympic y Broadway en el Centro de Los Angeles.


Commemorating La Gran Marcha Flyer

Spanish Flyer 4 La Gran Marcha